Karolina by Designklein



Since it feels like summer has started... designers Sinisha and Sasha Klein of Designklein have created a garden chair called Karolina.


The designers have prototyped two versions, one with arms and one without.


Here's a bit of text from Designklien:


"Karolina" garden chair is our latest furniture prototype.We make it like two slightly different models. When seating "inside" you are protected from direct sunlight, and at the same time, through the small holes can view garden around. Under the seat, also in shadow, can rest, and enjoy your cat or dog.

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  • huff

    ahh what is it made out of? can we have some details? just don’t get it at this point.

  • B

    haha under the seat you can enjoy your cat or dog…ehm..yes..

  • This is very different, this is really for the arty people, I personally would not have them as decor, its too abstract in design.

  • romano salvatore

    info prezzo sedie