S - Chair Transformers by Beton



Polish designers Beton have created the S - Chair Transformer, a polyethylene foam cover that transforms solid chairs into comfy armchairs.


A thin, rectangular sheet of polyethylene foam is laser cut to create the surface pattern and interlocking mechanism that holds the two ends together without any further fixings.


Here's some words from the designers:


S - chair transformers

A thin rectangle of polyethylene foam is laser-cut in such a way, that you can create a tube out of it without using glue or anything like that. Inside the tube you can place any chair (the uglier, the better) and then you can sit on it. The chair is transformed into a comfortable, waterproof armchair... At first the standing tube might be misleading, and it is the easiest way of creating something out of almost nothing.



Posted on Monday June 1st 2009 at 4:03 pm by Brad Turner. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • batman

    its no tomodachi!!!!!!!!

  • ondrej

    one of the best design i’ve seen in recent years! respect. i love that simplicity, that joke. must be bright opened minds behind it! 10 of 10

  • surprise and innovation, same for the designer’s site… in polish

  • Teapod

    Awsome :)

  • Teapod

    But I can`t understand why to cover a chair, if it is possible to make it without it, just to take different material

  • jimy

    it is not useful, it´s like a million of pieces of theory designers… design is bauhaus, 30´s, 40´s, 50´s… not this its fun , yes… no much

  • Bears

    This is the best idea I have ever seen, its way better than the tomodachi, hell that thing didn’t even win.

  • garth n.

    comfy? hmmmmm.

    seating is like sitting on a crowded subway where everyone’s arms are stuck in your sides.

  • Design is about improving the status quo for the betterment of the user. If what you’re doing is aesthetically pleasing, but doesn’t necessarily improve the way people interact with your product, then it’s art, not design. These do not necessarily improve the way people sit, therefore it is art, not design.

  • Fbot

    I like it. Not trying too hard. Just a simple way to tranform old chairs. Good work!

  • awo


  • Luxury Larry

    cud double-up as a yoga mat.

  • Andrea

    Finally something that gets me out of “lazy-mode” and asks for a comment..
    I personally find this object quite smart and well thought, it defenetly shows some commitment and at least some reasoning in the design process. I guess it can be used in convention halls or public events to revamp some ugly stock chairs usually kept hidden in the basement.
    Only small disappoinment on the final shape of the final result: maybe the rectangular basic structure could be modified to achive better shape and design once folded and used 9for example to cover the wood part that shows through in the firs pic).
    Anyway good effort.. will check the website (by the way.. not to restart some issue on the comments.. but come on give us something more that “cool” or “awesome”… on personal feelings.. it would be great to have some proper polite discussions on design)

  • To Andrea switch from “lazy-mode” to “cool” or “awesome” comments mode then to “active mode” is quite easy…
    Commenter is nothing only blogger is important.S – Chair Transformers by Beton looks like a wastepaper basket where i can put all my comments about design….

  • This is really nice. And thanks a lot to give this news.

  • brilliant!

  • Chak

    1) Why we have to cover chairs? Isn’t a kind of style by just putting different type of chair in the situation of photo #2?

    2) Polyethylene foam is totally not good for environment. Please don’t proudly say that you only do a little work on so many pieces of polyethylene foam to produce only a cover, unless you can turn the same piece of polyethylene foam into a real chair.

  • JO

    Kontstantin Grcic – ‘Dummy’ – Moroso – 2005.

  • Salvadore

    Konstantin, not Kontstantin.

  • This design can be more than an aesthetic form, but a true solution. Especially to resolve the problem of the storage of many chairs, for an event, conference, concert, etc.. But, this interesting idea remained (following my taste), unfinished! In that case, as he mentioned rightly in his comment, Daveconrey: ” … it is art, not design.” This ludic idea can be more rich when it brings a true solution like self autonomy without an addition of any real chair. Anyway, that depends on the designer good willing!
    To conclude, I like this provocative idea! ;)

    Francois Beydoun