Colo dishwasher by Peter Schwartz
and Helene Steiner



DMY Berlin 09: a concept for a dishwasher combined with a sink by designers Peter Schwartz and Helene Steiner is on show at DMY Youngsters exhibition in Berlin this week.


Dirty crockery is loaded into a tray at the table, then put into the sink.


A cover lowered over the sink seals the dishwasher and contains water jets.


The clean dishes are then stored on the wall in the same tray in which they were washed, ready to be carried back to the table for the next mealtime.


Schwartz and Steiner are currently studying product design at the Bauaus Universität Weimar.


The show continues until Sunday.


Here's some more information from the designers:


colo dishwasher concept

colo is a dishwashing concept, whose handling is closely aligned to user-needs and the kitchen as a room of social life. colo consists of trays that are used as storage rack, for carrying and as main component of the dishwasher. for cleaning just put the tray in the provided sink and lower the cover. after washing, simply place the tray with the clean dishes on the wall again.


the colo-concept breaks with the handling-habits of an old-fashioned dishwasher.


it's a reduction of the machine to its essentials, orientated on user-needs. colo merges the dishwasher with the sink.


at this, handling-complexity is also reduced to a minimum. there is no need to sort in the dishes piece for piece, simply place the tray with all of it in the sink, and simply put the tray back on the wall when it's done.


there is no need to sort in the dishes piece for piece, simply place the tray with all of it in the sink, and simply put the tray back on the wall when it's done.


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  • Very clever and nicely done! More of this to make the world a happy place please…

  • me like!!!!
    nice color combo! Makes an endless 80ies summer in yr kitchen!
    Camping version of the youth-hostel dish-washer!
    good to see the technical function and motion of a dishwasher again…

  • modular

    I love this!

  • Martin

    Just Genius!!

    This is a simple and absolutely good design idea for everyday life.

  • mcmlxix

    Honestly, if I only had as many dishes that could fit on those 4 racks (that would have to be inserted into the machine one by turn mind you) I think it wouldn’t be too much to hand wash them. I think this system adds more complexity than value. It’s cute though, but I still say less is more please.

  • Ashley

    This is brilliant. But … can you use the faucet while the dishwasher is running? There is often need to wash things like pots, knives, wooden utensils, etc. separately and would be useful to be able to do so while the washer is cleaning the other items. I would make it a full double sink, for the same reason (the side basin is too small).

  • Will

    genius? Its been done before with much more elegant solutions.

  • mil

    This is not practical at all.
    over sized, to many pieces.

  • caro otero

    I LOVE THIS!!!!!!

  • Speaking as someone who not only enjoys thoughtful, simple design, but also as someone who has lived a great deal of my life without the luxury of a dishwasher, this is great. I would be first in line to buy one if they ever went into production. Great job.

  • onvn

    Certainly useful! I will need one in my own home please.. How does it perform though? Will it get my stubborn food stains off?

  • mias

    Perfect! just Perfect.

  • Digido

    I think table should be white.
    Nice : )

  • Peter

    I have been stupid enough to buy Marc Newson´s “dish doctor” once for my small office kitchen, which turned out to be an uncleanable mess with zero functional value. This is even worse: a pure styling showcase with sustainabilty blaba. My integrated dishwasher is using 15 litres of water and a minimum of energy and everything comes out perfectly clean without any fuss, without being an elephant in the room. This dishwasher will not clean the dishes and instead become dirty itself after one use, forcing the user to spend time and energy that a dishwasher actually should save. Ridiculous, sorry.

  • Peter

    That seems like a simple but cool dishwasher concept – will it ever come to market so we can buy? I think there would be some initial struggle with installation as it is not a typical dishwasher design.

    According to this dishwasher guide the 18 inch and 24 inch full size integrated dishwashers are the most common and popular, but i can see this dishwasher concept being very useful for people living in tight city spaces where apartment and home sizes are very small and you have to be efficient with the amount of space you use – in that respect you can this dishwasher concept and not require taking up so much space in your kitchen from a standard dishwasher.