Najah, Lazara and Ilham by Anne-Cécile Rappa



More recycled work from Swiss designer Anne-Cécile Rappa: Najah, Lazara and Ilham are a series of lights made of found objects sheathed in knitted plastic bags.


The Najah table lamp (top image) re-purposes a salad bowl as the lamp shade.


Lazara (second and third images) is a floor standing lamp which makes use of a rubbish bin as the light shade.


Lazara also reuses an existing lamp base (above).


Pendant light Ilham (above) uses a bucket as the shade. The lights are produced in collaboration with a woman's association in Morocco.

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Posted on Friday June 5th 2009 at 5:13 pm by Brad Turner. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • garth n.

    very cool.
    do they smell like plastic?

  • Gabriel

    I really liked this when I saw it in Milan – made of recycled materials but looks a beautiful and very useable product that hardly gives a hint of what its made of.

    Nice to see it featured here Anne-Cécile!

    best wishes from Singapore

  • cookies

    Perfect! So right for so many reasons, and really beautiful. Brava!

  • Nice idea to us found bits, aesthtically these guys
    gave the idea, i think:

  • tanya telford – T

    i really like the pendant light and would like one for my new flat, I will have a look on the designers web site, (maybe i can commission a special version of it? – assuming that they are one offish due to the use of found objects),

  • Stella

    It’s not knitted, it’s crocheted!