Crush and NoVolume by Coordination



DMY Berlin 09: designer Flip Selin of German design group Coordination presented his Crush sofa and NoVolume nesting tables at the Made in Berlin exhibition as part of DMY Extended in Berlin last week.


The Crush seating consists of two chaise longues, which can be combined to form a sofa.


The angular, upholstered surfaces are supported by a white-painted metal frame and are "inspired by current trends for faceted surfaces in architecture".


The NoVolume nesting tables (below) are made of powder-coated steel and comprise thin, sheet-steel tops that are folded down over their frames at each corner.


Coordination is a Berlin design studio made up of architects Tilman Thürmer and Jochen Gringmuth, and product designer Flip Selin.


Photographs by Katja Hiendlmayer.


Here's a bit of text from Coordination:


Crush sofa

This two seater sofa or chaise is exploring folded planes as ergonomic surfaces and static structures. The elegant mid-sized seater is suitable for private or corporate seating and reveals dynamic views from all perspectives.


NoVolume nesting tables

With attention to outline, air and voids, this totally asymmetric pair of nesting tables almost vanishes within a white environment. The cold white hue visually blends porcelain on the tables.

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  • boffin

    the facet thing is over. progress

  • Love the white thread detail.

  • War

    I disagree. This is a good experiment of dematerialization and the use of ‘surface’ as furniture. I especially applaud the way the seating peels away from the compulsory box-frame. Eschewing ‘facets’ or ‘curves’ by the use of a blanket statement reveals a dearth of understanding.

  • “inspired by current trends for faceted surfaces in architecture”
    At least he’s honest about it.

    I think it’s a beautiful piece of furniture. I’m still not done with the trend… designers should milk it for all its worth hahaha.

  • Chris

    Its over boffin? Ok everyone, stop doing faceted design – the trend is over, boff says so.

    Deffo Jason, MILK IT.

    War – I think I follow your last statement and definately agree with the first!

    Good skills Coordination.

  • boffin

    oh forget it

  • Kamric

    deconstructionism design.
    and that’s it.

  • Al-Ishaq

    Nice but the white frame makes it look cheap

  • doanbach

    so beautiful .