Lightfacet by Bloomming



Dutch design studio Bloomming have designed a modular system where diamond-shaped components can be individually rotated to vary the amount of light allowed to penetrate.


Called Lightfacet, the product can be used as a room divider or window blind.


It is produced in the Netherlands and made of an injection-moulded, polycarbonate-ABS blend and stainless steel.


Its "smart click" modular construction means the divider or blind can be any size.


Photos by Bart Roos.


Here's some further information from Bloomming:


Light Facet makes it possible to play with light and shadow. The diamond shapes can rotate separately and create beautiful patterns. Applicable as blinds or room divider.


Connected diamond shapes create crystalline stars, which can separate from each other be opened or closed. This abstract pattern allows you to play with the sun.


Stainless Steel & injector moulded PCABS. _Produced in The Netherlands.

Because of its smart click-system, Light Facet is available in every desired size.

Bloomming, Bas van Leeuwen & Mireille Meijs

This product is available from March 2009

Posted on Monday June 8th 2009 at 10:30 pm by Brad Turner. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • jason

    How pretty. Great divider sure but as blinds they don’t look worth the effort involved to “play with the sun”.

    Even if you had a maid to do it for you, you would just feel like a cruel jerk.

  • One

    Genius…. Only just imagine how many of the winglets which I have to rotate to get a good loghts in… yet… wonderful… I wonder if it comes in another colors?

  • onvn

    Great design.. well, for these kinds of designs, I don’t think practicality is its main aim.. I see it as a sort of ‘lego’-like sensibility where you ‘play around’ with it and produce your very own personalised motif.. an object that inspires creativity.. Like the famed Kvadrat Clouds..

  • Steve Nordquist

    Showercurtain for the overconfident.
    Swiffer for people who only spill giant rotini.
    The maid can use the Dyson on it to reasonable amusement unless you insist that it is a kinetic sculpture; then the poor fellow will have to make it into a tuning fork against much damping.

  • I just love this, and like you mentioned it can used as a room divider, which is awesome for loft apartments and other open planned rooms, it gives the room a hole new look and feel.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  • Mary

    Do these “diamonds”come in colours? Where can they be purchased and what is the cost?