X Y and Z by Daniel Lorch



DMY Berlin 09: Berlin designer Daniel Lorch has created a collection of metal lamps with shades formed from cylinders pinched together at one end.


The shades are attached to bent, tubular stands by a rotating, magnetic joint.


Called X Y and Z, the series has a green, hammered-metal finish.


The series was presented at DMY Allstars in Berlin earlier this month.


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The following information is from Lorch:


X Y and Z

All began with a very flexible magnetic joint, which I accidentally found at a small producer for magnets.


The form of the lamps is influenced by a text about the minimal art artist John McCracken. His artistic matter is among other things about the effect of consciously breaking with the proportions of the gold section.


The crush of the lampshade and the transfer of this principle to all joints, is something which first evolved in the workshop. The finishing in a green hammered-metal look – how we know it from many objects in the workshop – is a homage to the tools and machines, which took part in building the lamps.

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  • Martin

    Interesting aesthetic. I’m guessing its designed to remind people of hospital drips?

  • Clifford

    Yes, it’s important that people remebers

  • i like the name X Y and Z, you know why but it’s bad name
    Could be a “me too design “, but it’s more remember ME among 300 designers in BMY Berlin So he made bad choice of form, bad choice of color, bad choice of reference BUT Rose Etherington saw him…

  • also good portfolio to see

  • marius

    i like it. very interesting and beautiful

  • dsgngurunyc

    I like it very much. In every way this looks new, beautiful and light. I am sure the copies are being drawn up already!