The Drop Series by Olivia Decaris



The Drop Series by graduate designer Olivia Decaris is a range of tent-like structures that can be raised and lowered over tables, beds and desks.


Decaris presents the project at the Royal College of Art show two, which runs until 5 July (closed 3 July).


Here's some info from Decaris:


the Drop series

Family of sheltering structures based on domestic activities. They aim to bring intimacy, privacy and concentration.


the dining structure gathers people around the table thanks to its concentric and rounded shape: it transforms the ritual of dining into a more intimate moment.


When night comes, the drop enlightens to create a poetic atmosphere. It adapts quite well to public places such as restaurants.


This working drop is based on ergonomics, according to the space the body needs when working: the result is an oval shape. It is particularly efficient in open spaces, to be encapsulated, cut off from the outside sounds and other disturbances.


the sleeping Drop is adopting the shape of a standard mattress: it is a cocoon, creating another layer, between the bed and the house’s walls.


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  • Zangetsu

    Just brilliant !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ambroise

    isn’t it just an oversized Noguchi lamp ? …

  • Metadesign

    VERY NICE…not agree with you Ambroise !!!! If I’m right, you can’t use Noguchi lamp has a living space. Maybe you didn’t get the all concept.

  • MAX