Walking Berlin by Fantastic Norway



DMY Berlin 09: Norwegian designers Fantastic Norway have sent photos of Walking Berlin, a project in which they dressed up as their latest building and walked around Berlin.


The event took place at DMY Berlin earlier this month and featured members of Fantastic Norway wearing models of high-rise towers while walking, cycling and dancing around the city.


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Here's some text from Fantastic Norway:



“Walking Berlin” // Description

”Walking Berlin” was an event created as part of our exhibition at the DMY International Design Festival 09 in Germany/Berlin. The walking houses are man-sized models of our latest architectural project: a tourist destination located on the northern west coast of Norway. As our project depend on the idea of travelling, we decided it was only fair that the houses got to do some travelling too!


The project consists of a group of narrow high-rise modules welcoming the guests of the Norwegian west coast.  The systematic and flexible module-system allows the outdoor spaces, the miniature high-rise modules and the interiors to be designed in collaboration with the future inhabitants and selected artists. Interacting with the locals of Berlin, the event emphasizes the project’s social and local ambitions.

l1010546.jpgWhile exploring the streets of central Berlin, the walking houses chatted with the locals, danced at Alexanderplatz, travelled on the u-bahn, and even shared a curry-würst with the Berliners.

Architectural team: Håkon Matre Aasarød, Erlend Blakstad Haffner, Magnus Ohren, Tomos Osmond, Anne Busemann, Mathias Steinbru, Anette Flygansvær, Ingeborg Cappelen Lindheim, Renata Barros and Håvard Arnhoff.

Client: Bjørn Erik Sørvig


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  • MAX


    That’s cool ! ;-))))))))

  • eduardo alvares

    very good!
    I didn’t know the norwegians had such a sense of humour!
    love the face of the couple….

  • Steet marketing street hacking is a trend ?
    see french example urban seat in Paris

  • Jame Mark Pinotes

    I love the concept…I takes good motif to people…why not we can build a house that is movable. Possible?

  • John


    come on now dezeen – i expect much better.

  • joninberlin


  • Xit

    Get back to work, don’t you know theres a design crisis :)

  • pilot

    if you read the text it says why

  • stefan

    oh what an irony.
    how stupid and empty.

  • jh

    coop were walking in a bubble, antfarm expanded themselves out of a window..
    30 years ago

  • gillesr

    These images remind me of this picture in Delirious New York, where the famous Manhattan architects of the 20´s dressed up as their skyscrapers: http://alphaarchitecture.files.wordpress.com/2009/05/03.jpg

  • dakine


  • :0

    this seems to have been inspired by brazilian artist laerte ramos’s work…

  • freedom

    Ha Ha Ha

  • X

    Love it! A good way to advertise self!

  • ALDO

    Im tired of small architecture studios advertizing their work in any way they can, blowing smoke… please stop!

  • joninberlin

    I posed question ‘why’ not because I couldn’t understand what was written in the description, rather to question if perhaps a deeper purpose exists to explain why anyone would feel the need to conduct a superficial, ’empty and stupid’ charade.

    Its quite clear what we see here are a bunch of hipster architects who managed to get something built and decided to prance around Berlin to get a little publicity. A typical method employed by obnoxious ad agencies to promote products such as Red Bull or Gatorade.

    Do you think anyone walking around Alexanderplatz gives a $hit what these guys built somewhere else far far away?

    “Look at me!!! I built something!!! I’m cool and funny!!!

    Do you see German architects prancing around at some Scandinavian event clad in scale models of their own buildings? No. Because its obnoxious and annoying.

  • James

    haha thats awesome.

  • ALDO

    I agree with joninberlin 100%

  • Kate


  • li

    Wow! Bravo, and besides, looks like fun, who cares what people think!

  • Jon

    cheer up ppl

  • joninberlin fan

    joninberlin kick ass

  • Retep

    It might be amusing to see one of them hit by a truck because they can’t see where they are going…wood everywhere

  • I love it !

  • Mina

    "Negative comments" guys cheer up. It's good to have a sense of humor. Love it.
    Good job Fantastic Norway, indeed this is fantastic.