Weaver's Nest by Animal Farm



Cape Town designers Animal Farm have produced an "organic lounger" made from woven branches that hangs in a tree and is reached by a rope ladder.


The structure, based on a weaver bird's next, consists of a welded steel frame covered in woven branches.


Suspended three metres above the ground, the nest can hold two adults and a small child.


The designer, Porky Hefer, is currently producing a second, larger nest which can carry four adults.


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Posted on Wednesday July 1st 2009 at 9:35 am by Rachel Blunstone. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • lsd

    Great, but it looks a bit too much like a skull…. weird.

  • JMB

    i can imagine this being one of the most tranquil places to sit in the entire world
    thumbs up

  • Hayden

    Fuck thats cool.

  • cpcp

    i can picture a group of these working really well in a game reserve… near a waterhole….

  • Rob

    looks abit like a lego helmet to me…

  • garth n.

    in regards to the reader’s reponses….when will ‘acceptance by association’ die?

  • derma


  • Joe

    I would love to lounge in this thing. And for some reason it reminds me of a gas mask.

  • Dave

    Love the idea. The experience of sitting in this must be amazingly reflective. The shape could use some work; looks like a motorcycle helmet.

  • the metal frame is a little disappointing…

  • stan

    Amit… just to remind you… this thing is holding up more that a sparrow and it’s 4 babies!

    Think it is a beautiful object myself, even if others think it a shame that it isn’t more than that and go all the way to not include a frame and defy the laws of gravity!
    Well done.

  • metacarpix

    hey, it s just the same nest as the Marsupilami's . Same concept !

  • Watson

    The designer’s name is “Porky Hefer”?! F**in’ hilarious.