Campanas + LACOSTE



Brazilian designers Fernando and Humberto Campana have created a range of polo shirts for fashion brand Lacoste.


The Campanas + LACOSTE series features shirts with arrangements of embroidered reptiles, a reference to both Lacoste's crocodile motif and the designers' Alligator Chair, which is upholstered with cuddly toy alligators.


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This is the fourth year Lacoste has created limited edition shirts in conjunction with designers; see our story on Michael Young's Plastic Polo range from 2007.


Here's some info from Lacoste:



Based in Sao Paulo, Estudio Campana is constantly investigating new possibilities in concept and uses for different clashes of materials. It creates bridges and dialogues where the exchange of information is also a source of inspiration. Designers Fernando and Humberto Campana carry the duality of their rural Brazilian background and the urban codes from their youth and adulthood.


For the fourth Holiday Collector’s Series by LACOSTE, the Campanas have created an exclusive range of polos. The special edition of 20 000 pieces is based on their famed Alligator Chair, which shows how the reptiles pile up in mud beds during the dry season in their natural habitat. This is replicated by embroidering a cluster of eight crocodile logos onto a classic men’s and women’s white polo shirt.


There will be two limited editions in the Campanas + LACOSTE series.  Anavilhanas, small fluvial islands on the Amazon, inspired a limited edition of 125 pieces for men, while Lianas vines that grow in trees in the tropical rainforests inspired a limited edition of 125 pieces for women. These are crafted from various sizes of the iconic LACOSTE crocodile logo. Finally, the super limited edition will be made to order only with up to 12 men's and 12 women's editions created, it is hand-crafted completely from crocodile logos, recalling the lace work of Northern Brazil.


The limited and super limited editions are produced exclusively in cooperation with Coopa-Roca, a socially responsible sustainable development organization based in the Rocinha favela of Rio de Janeiro that provides work for the very creative craftswomen and seamstresses who live in that underprivileged neighborhood.


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  • def

    I like,

    good self irony by lacoste

  • The crocodile

    Why not.


    The green one full croc logos should have empty white space….Awesome

  • oh no

    green one full of…crocs

  • ye

    good concept but horrible results

  • capucine

    that’s so good !

  • min han

    hahah~! gooooood~crocs gathering~^,.^

  • 1/ may be you dunnot know friendly designer Christophe Pillet (ex “right hand”, ex “right eye” of Philippe Starck) is now D.A. for Lacoste…. except for clothes….
    2/ Campana brothers in co branding is the best brand hacking i ever seen….

  • booh

    I would have liked to see it on a canvas… not a shirt… I think putting the work on a shirt makes it too “commodity” in nature… you can’t wear it… so it’s not really “design” and you can hardly display it… it flirts with the line that divides art and design…

    Conceptually I think the work is compromised by the endorsement of Lacoste. It’s not as powerful of a statement when the company has commissioned the artists to do these… they don’t mean anything anymore… other than that really lame statement that-

    “it shows how the reptiles pile up in mud beds during the dry season in their natural habitat. This is replicated by embroidering a cluster of eight crocodile logos onto a classic men’s and women’s white polo shirt.”

    Thank you… but we have the discovery channel for that… I don’t think a few sticks of hot glue and a dozen logos really inform people about the social characteristics of animals.

  • @booh
    “Conceptually I think the work is compromised by the endorsement of Lacoste”
    Compromised ? any support is good eg Dezeen for an artist or a designer
    (design = dessin +dessein)

  • jack the ripper

    clever exercise around the crocodile …just not sure it works esthetically ..

    more of a gimmick than a style achievement .

    but bravo for trying , though . no harm in experimenting !

  • @ jack the ripper”clever exercise around the crocodile “? Are you sure?
    I will ask to Nicolas Minvielle ( ex Philippe Starck brand manager during 7 years ) to tell me or us what does he think about this work ? ( see his blog in french + google translate about design strategy and branding ….with my comments )…

  • jack the ripper

    However, the same design for kids clothes would be … delicious …

  • gmz



    the all green crocs is genius!…

  • ion

    someone wearing these shirts will look like he`s invaded by a swarm of insects no offense,

  • Harry

    Good G:O:D:
    I do feel like a spiderman on my back.

  • haha! This is great!

  • usuck

    Prof Z, I am tired of your comments. I am sure I’m not the only one.

  • some info on anglo greek ‘s blog by Costas : crocodile are everywhere ( and me too, contributing editor from Paris France)

  • Yuck! I hate them all….looks like a swamp!

  • awesome!!!!

  • Dong K

    really?? oh no.. crocs all over my body…

  • jack the ripper

    @prof.z etc…

    yes , i am sure .

    shall i bite you for proof ?

  • fit

    ha ha ha i need that.

  • ml_morph

    I want it in pink :D

  • Prof Z

    I was in vacation near Starck’s wood housec in “iles au oiseaux” near Arcachon to see if the Campana ‘s crocs are around…

  • Hieu

    lacoste esta en crisis… Que horrible se ve. Espero a ver algo con alegria, no me aterrizar

  • kika

    at least, funny!

  • i love their way to play
    but i dont know what the want to say
    with this

    sin embargo
    que viven los hermanos
    campanas forever

  • Damien

    The official website “Campanas + Lacoste” is now live :

  • Q Janero

    I’m in Dallas, Tx. Where can I buy the Lacoste/Campanas polo shirt and what other collors are there?