Vaisselier Système D by Matière A



French design collective Matière A have designed a kitchen storage system using a tree branch and some timber batons.


The Vaisselier Système D is an exploration of discovering form through process.


Studio Matière A consists of designers Amaury Poudray, Marie Declerck and Rémi Bouhaniche. Their website will be launched next week at


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Here's some info from Collectif Matière A:



This dresser is 'DIY' by its creation process. The first act was to saw a branch, then compose around it with square wood rod, which put the emphasis on the hard wood, the center of the project.


The top part slide inside the branche's legs. Different spaces are created by the rod to have several spaces for all kind of kitchen's objects. A minimum becomes alive throught the dresser's construction.


Made with poor materials, "Système D" is rough and smart, measured and random, it mix economy and aesthetics.


STATEMENT (Studio Matière A composed by Amaury Poudray Marie Declerck Rémi Bouhaniche)


"Matière A" wants to find a link between the creation/construction process and the object itself , Form Follows Process. In the end we want to express a process in a result.

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  • Uh … RIGHT.

  • modular

    I love this. So pure.. kudos!

  • derma


  • Boo

    So show me how it actually works in a real functioning kitchen!

  • james

    nice idea but the design is a bit awkward and it looks extremely impractical

  • Xit

    Ooooooooh, its an artsy survival kitchen, for Rambo Branzi.

  • stefano kwok

    well, i have seen like this so many times in Indonesian villages.

  • ambroise

    What is the purpose ?

  • jed_

    i don’t understand what makes this a “system”? it’s just stuff put together with extremely limited uses and practicalities.

    however, i like the way it looks.

  • Garbanzo

    Like a special needs art project.

  • Mookie

    This is hilarious.
    It’s like Spinal Tap for designers.

  • leopoldo


  • cg

    agreed, mookie…”these go to 11″

  • toon

    what does Prof Z think i wonder….

    the thing about Form Follows Process
    is very interesting.

  • quart

    I like this Form Follows Process as well, I’d like to know more about it. This can go far.

  • gonzobee

    By far the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.