Happily Ever by Kim HyunJoo



South Korean designer Kim HyunJoo has designed a combined chair and dog kennel intended to help dog owners bond with their pets.


Called Happily Ever, the seat has a soft pad for the owner to sit on and a handle for moving it around.


The dog can sit inside or on a slightly lower platform next to its owner.


Here’s some text from Kim HyunJoo:

Happily Ever is a chair combined with a dog house that has been designed to promote various scenarios for friendship and bonding between dogs and owners through their sharing of an object.


Wherever you are, your dog always wants to be near you. For example, when a dog owner sits on a chair, the dog will often sit under the chair. When their pet comes near, an owner will typically pat it – a heartwarming experience for both individuals. Happily ever is based on these kinds of behaviors.


There are various ways to use Happily Ever. The owner can sit anywhere on the chair. The dog can rest inside the chair, or sit on top of it.


There are two seats – the lower one is for the dog or owner, and the upper one is just for the owner (making use of a height ranking system). There is soft cushioning on the higher seat for comfort. A hole at the back of the chair allows it to be picked up easily, and also assists with taking the seat apart for cleaning. The pet might reach through the hole with their paw to play with the owner.

Size: W800 x D470 x H500 (mm)
Material: resin, fabric.

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  • Kellen

    Interesting concept; however

    1. Dogs are den animals. This chair doesn’t allow them to get completely inside comfortably especially with the inside being angled in the back. It’s a slide.
    2. Bonding occurs when the dog is next to you. Just because their is a lower platform on a form does not allow you to call it a seat for a dog. Please think about how a dog would get up their and not slide off.

    I don’t feel that the designer has studied dogs behaviors and needs. I think the shape came first and was adapted to dogs….just a dog lovers opinion.
    Again, good concept though.

  • Prof Z, genius D

    my dog loves Newson

  • Love the concept. The pet market is huge and I think dog owners will buy it.

  • Prof Z, genius D

    … and Komplot design too

  • mikaël

    what’s that smell?

  • damfak

    my dog loves our couch. it’s confortable and cosi.
    I like the chair but for other purpose, like storage…

  • Finally! My dogs would love this! I have two adorable coonhounds (47 and 67lbs) .
    Was just talking to a friend about how pathetic dog kennels are designed.
    I am such a stark and modern person and this would blend well with
    our simple decor.

    I will now google Miss Kim HyunJoo to see what else may be in the works!

  • Anthony W

    my cat would love this !

    my Dog…not so much.

    She’s too big.

  • Prof Z, genius D

    …It’s a good concept and a red dot too

  • deep observer

    who cares the chair… she’s so cute..

  • Roger M

    I have to agree with Kellen: for this to work well, the dog would need to be able to get completely inside it. It would probably work for my daughter’s Pomeranian. My Rottweiler? Not a chance …

    Still, it’s an outstanding idea. With a bit more thought, and a bit of experimentation with actual dogs, it would probably work quite well. It has to be better than the horrid plastic and metal kennels one sees at pet stores.

  • Prof Z, genius D

    i’s catching eyes + conversation starter+ red dot concept award= selection in blogs but the young designer does’nt explore all the concept.

  • edualc

    reminds me of the cd girls,
    looks like a sybian machine.

  • mikaël

    conversation starter? isn’t that the excuse Stark gave for making an over stylised unefficient citrus juicer? capital punishment is also a conversation starter, that’s what makes it so nice…

  • Ryan


  • Prof Z, genius D

    mikaël , an hydride product for man and animal, is a conversation starter product and gives more comments than a simple stool

  • Prof Z, genius D

    Dog is a conversation starter too…
    A blog needs conversation starter products to increase the number of comments…
    I suggested to design blogs as Yatzer and Trendsnow to develop a post with 2 products in “competition”, a design battle more near real life . The readers choose a products (more appropriation) ang give the reasons why … By this system I could save some good product that could’nt be selected alone by blog
    I hope Marcus Fairs will also choose this in Dezeen

  • Prof Z, genius D

    I have MT rocker chair by “Genius designer” Ron Arad for Driade .My dog likes it because he has a rocker chair too under me in an empty space ,a private friendly open red space …but i know never Ron think to dog in drawing it.

  • Bianca

    Like this conversation! Gives me a lot of input to design one of my own furniture peace for my graduation :D!!! But I agree with Kellen about the bonding! Do you know rocket chair designed by Paul Kweton for Barkitecture?! Love the design and the dog got more space, but there is still the difference in level. At the moment I'm reading books about dog behaviour, the history in human existences and about wolves. Hope it brings in some good thinking!