De Rotterdam by OMA



Dutch architects Office for Metropolitan Architecture have announced the start of construction on De Rotterdam, a complex of three interconnected towers that will be the biggest building in the Netherlands.


Work will start on the 150 metre-high towers in December in Rotterdam.


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Here's some info from OMA:


Press Release: Groundbreaking scheduled on OMA’s De Rotterdam, the largest building in the Netherlands

Rotterdam, July 10 2009 – De Rotterdam, a complex of three interconnected mixed-use towers designed by OMA, will go under construction in December this year, the developers MAB and OVG announced today.

The project is located in the old harbour district of Wilhelminapier, next to the iconic Erasmus bridge. The three stacked towers reach 150 metres high, producing a gross floor area of approximately 160,000m2, making De Rotterdam the largest building in the Netherlands.

OMA’s architectural concept produces more than sheer size: urban density and diversity – both in the program and the form – are the guiding principles of the project. De Rotterdam is conceived as a vertical city, accommodating offices, apartments, a hotel, conference facilities, gym, shops, restaurants, and cafes.

The towers are part of the ongoing redevelopment of Wilhelminapier, and aim to reinstate the vibrant urban activity – trade, transport, leisure – once familiar to the neighbourhood. De Rotterdam is named after one of the ships on the Holland America Line, which used to depart from the Wilhelminapier in decades past, carrying thousands of Europeans emigrating to the US.

The design for De Rotterdam started in 1997. OMA founder Rem Koolhaas said: “It’s a miracle that construction will finally begin. One of the positive outcomes of the economic crisis is the drop in the cost of materials and construction, which has given new energy to long running projects like this one.”

The project is led by OMA partners Rem Koolhaas, Ellen van Loon and Reinier de Graaf and the associate in charge is Kees van Casteren.

The total investment in the project is €340m. Completion is expected in 2013.

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  • ste

    the biggest building in the netherlands and the most boring oma project yet?

  • ab

    it only looks boring :) originally the lifts had a trick as far as i remember, worth to check this project before abandoning it from one image. and years and years it has been worked on

  • j

    ste, a project is supposed to be funny????

  • PIT

    @ste: Oh come on, please! This is one of the most interesting projects of OMA yet, please read delirious NY and analyse the program of this project, then you know why this project is one of koolhaas’ long pursued fascinations in built form.

  • LOW

    Kolhaas I love you

  • tkap

    OMA has crossed the line from mocking bad buildings to just doing bad buildings.

  • le corbusier

    Awsome. Finally this get built.

  • andi

    If i were to do this in my design class i’d get an average grade.

  • Nino Nino

    I like brutal stuff….unfortinately ..Koolhaas is on his way to become the new Norman Foster-an architectural and financial PRIMADONA

  • ab

    @tkap: you mean crossed the line 11 years ago?

  • Richie

    Any more drawings\images on this anywhere?..

  • m

    … getting built thanks to the crisis, actually

  • M

    Can someone elaborate the interesting parts ? I for one would like to know.

  • hj

    Finally this building will come up, after all those years…an essential building from the OMA oeuvre. Rotterdam can add another OMA-gem to its collection

  • Read my response to De Rotterdam (and Zeebrugge) at my blog, The Zero of Form…

  • one

    Big as the theme of expression, can sometime harm the real potential of a project. The facade of the first to third is not right.

  • Danne

    “…three interconnected towers…” whith all this mass its just read as one big mf coloss…

  • roel

    Whatever your opinion is… it is impressive!
    Here’s a video:

  • so

    I think I know the girl in the yellow top…

  • sc uh yl er

    I think the towers show great potential. Since we only have one view of them up here, I don’t think it makes sense to get too excited or too disappointed yet.
    HOWEVER, the podium of the building looks really, really boring in both renderings. We shall see.

  • G-Unit

    well said PIT

  • Alexis

    Shame. I used to hang out behind that site, just next to Luxor Theatre. It used to be a quiet place where one could enjoy a nice sunset over Rtm’s skyline, during the summer. I guess a man’s got to build what a man’s got to build :]