Doride lamp by Karim Rashid



Designer Karim Rashid has designed a lamp inspired by a leaf blowing in the wind for Italian brand Artemide,


The lamp is composed of an articulated, hydro-formed, metal stem attached to a moulded-steel base that houses the electronic ballast.


The head of the lamp is able to rotate through 350 degrees and is equipped with thermoplastic louvers, resembling leaf veins, to minimise glare from the light source.


Here are some words from Karim Rashid:


I designed this concept when I was in university at the age of 19 so to see DORIDE finally realized is a dream come true thirty years later. I envisioned a leaf blowing in the wind, moving in nature, articulating at a point in the spine, with a thin articulating curvilinear branch that can rotate seamlessly 350 degrees. The slim narrow form morphs from direct to indirect light seamlessly. The leaf is a stroke of a pen, a soft vertical wave in flux, a fluid gesture that changes to vary light – a zoomorphic form that I would describe as digital nature.

The lamp is composed by a hydro-formed metal tube. Diffuser equipped with a light–shade antiglare louver made of thermo-plastic material. The base, made of molded steel, contain the electronic ballast. An articulation along the vertical development enables the lamp to rotate around 350°, in order to adjust the light emission (direct and indirect) and assuming different positions. Features a button switch along the stem for dimming the light

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  • dankly

    Finally a real design.. has been a long time since the waste basket, karim. Design has come back to you after all these years of ‘Styling’

  • hayden

    Funny. The first thing i thought when I looked at the images was, ‘it looks like it was done by a uni student’ I get to the text and…..

    Karims what, nearly 50, and the best he can do is dig up an old sketch ?

    I guess it works with his design philosophy. All about the surface, and no depth.

    Still, love your outfits !

  • W

    And he’s still more successful than you.

  • X

    @W – Success doesn’t mean squat.

    For one of the few times, I have to say I like this design by Karim.

  • It is hard to believe that this product is a Karim Rashid’s design.
    Especially the table lamp has all the qualities of a design classic.
    …probably it was a (secret) join project with Ross Lovegrove…

  • designgurunyc

    The table lamp is actually very good, and ten years from now we will all wish we had bought one. I am not usually a fan of Rashid, but for once he has understood restraint (especially with the table lamp) and the beauty therein . One question, when and where can I buy mine?

  • even if my association with the design is different from karims idea of it, i find the lamp quite nice.

  • Hans

    Awww… i love it =)

  • Beautiful design. Looks like there are ‘life’ within the lamps in the first image. Let me repeat the question of designgurunyc: when and where can I buy this lamp?

  • Beatiful and very sexy!