Clamped table by Ryan Sorrell



New Designers 09: Kingston University graduate Ryan Sorrell has designed a set of table legs that can be clamped onto the corners of a board to form a table.


The legs can accommodate boards of varying thickness and are designed for creating temporary or seasonal furniture.


Sorrell presented the project at New Designers in London last week.


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Here is some more information from Sorrell:



A universal table leg, that came about from the desire to produce a versatile yet affordable table solution without the need for common fixtures and fittings.


The legs are ideally suited for locations tight on space or for seasonal/ temporary furniture applications, due to their ability to be easily constructed and deconstructed and stacked away when not in use.


Posted on Tuesday July 21st 2009 at 9:40 am by Ali Morris. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • chapmaniac

    this is a great idea, wish i’d thought of it

  • This kind of legs is really great, I’ve seen it before in a different version by french designer philippe nigro, it’s called pietement universel, I really like the idea of this kind of customized always changing furniture, it also has a workshop look.

  • thomas

    looks awesome, really nice idea and very adaptive.

  • see also Nicola Enrico Stäubli from Switzerland or Philippe Nigro from France (senior designer Michele de Lucchi , Italy)

  • Clampable table legs…is this officially a fad yet?

  • interest

    are these prototypes or can i acutally buy some?

  • bodkin

    beautiful. simple and practical and looks like the legs are economical to make from folded sheet metal. does exactly what it’s meant to do.

  • gab xiao

    beautiful, versatile & quite practical. could be also diversified into manifolds of applications

  • Dev

    I can see this being really popular for offices that have limited space. yes a product so simple you’ll kick yourself for not thinking of it first.


  • Robert White

    Fantastic idea, flawless design, this man is going places.

  • Nice. Very nice. I like the simple stamped construction of the legs. I could see this being a great setup for a small workshop where tops (with different materials, fabrication jigs, etc.) could be stored against a wall and interchanged.

  • booh

    I think it’s a great idea too. I wish it was presented with a cooler board rather than that laminated board. like a white plastic board, or something I feel like those materials read a bit too much like “work bench” to me- but if that’s the way it was intended I’ll take 3 for my wood shop! I would love to see lighter variations on the idea that would work for indoor furniture, coffee tables, side tables. It looks a little bulky now up top where the connectors are- but just think how great those legs would look pokin’ out from a tablecloth at a exhibit table at a convention.

  • Fbot

    The addition of a “wing nut” would make the product require no tools at all. This would be a good improvement. Nice work though

  • I really like it. Its the best idea we have seen for a while. The wing nut proposal is good if we can get the same grip.

  • Leslie Blake

    This idea will allow any offcuts to be turned into a first class table, and any first class table-top to be saved if its exisiting legs are failing. It will also make removals and storage easier. LB

  • John
  • C.H.Hon

    great idea, but now it’s restricted to 90 degrees flat slabs… would like to see it in flexible angles! then can really create crazy tables as you like.

  • Stephane

    Hum… see the Philippe Nigro project, in the middle of that page :

  • pieter
  • Mo

    Can I buy theae table legs anywhere?

  • rosie

    I’d like to buy some of these please! Where can i find them?