Peacock Chair by Dror



Another story about a felt chair: this time Peacock Chair by New York studio Dror for Italian furniture brand Cappellini.


The seat is made of three layers of felt, folded and clipped in place on a metal frame.


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Here's a little bit of text from Dror:


The Peacock Chair is created out of three single sheets of felt and a minimal metal frame. Dror is constantly challenging the construction of objects, questioning traditional systems and simplifying movements and mechanisms.


His minimalist aesthetic is shown here in the way he challenges upholstery. The folds of the felt are woven tightly to form a structured yet incredibly comfortable lounge chair, with no sewing or upholstery involved. The intricate folding paired with the innovative method of structure create a luxurious chair that is both elegant and modern.

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  • Leila

    Beautiful! Looking forward to see it in real life.

    Congratulations Dror & co.


  • mason storm

    i’ve sat in this multiple times and it is not “incredibly comfortable” :( i’ve sat in other felted woven chairs and they are much less in price, way more stylish and better designed!

  • poup-scoup

    Wow, this thing would be so cool if the felt actually became the structure instead of using that awesome “minimal metal frame”. But then if he did that he would be ripping somebody off (Lothar Windels, “Joseph Chair”).

    I sure hope the peacock community isn’t pissed.

  • zandie

    really nice product, perhaps they can also produce a similar one using re-used (samples, swatches, & clean) felt or carpets :)

  • MID

    Sat in it in Milan.
    It’s true that it is very simple but strong, great job. It needs some improvements on comfort though.. the seating is completely flat. Some shaping and it will be more comfortable and even more beautifull!

  • J

    @mason storm
    It doesn’t work to put something down in favor of another solutions without giving those others due reference. Please let us know which felt chairs your particular backside prefers.

    Please tell me you haven’t noticed that there is a culture behind design that allows an exchange and evolution of ideas. Some people might think Windels’s Felt Chair is as pretty as a pile of laundry. If Dror ripped off Windel, I think these same people would say he did him a favor by making the idea much better and more elegant.

    Yay(!) for one-foot-in-front-of-the-other.

  • erube

    so ugly! looks like a giant dust catcher!
    what happened to cappellini?
    “elegant and modern” andswer to crisis?

  • Hans L.

    more studio Dror. Yay.

  • poup-scoup

    Ugghh. But what about the peacocks!?!

  • curt

    The chair is cool. the legs look fine, why waste more felt on that, Anyone buying this chair is not buying it for comfort, A.K.A. womens shoes, The colors are fun, The kids will love trying to find coins in the folds, people will want to try it out if they come over.

  • johan melmut
  • looks great and stylish! looping folds create a nice seating surface

  • Leslie Bruner

    This chair is so retro-victorian-cosmic. Retvico. Makes me want to SIT IN IT and eat scrumptious delights.

  • deon marais

    Love this chair.