Ribbon coat rack by Hemal Patel



London designer Hemal Patel of Headsprung! has designed a coat rack inspired by a ribbon blowing in the wind.


The product is hand made in mild steel, powder-coated in five different colours.


Here's some more information from Patel:


Ribbon is a wall-mounted coat rack. Inspired by a ribbon blowing in the wind, it attempts to bridge the gap between function and art - it is a practical, everyday storage solution when in use, and sculptural wall art when free from coats. It is designed with the family in mind (it can hold 5 coats, plus scarves, umbrellas, etc.), and is available in 5 colours. As it is handcrafted in India from powder-coated mild steel every unit is slightly different, giving each one its own unique character.


Product Name: Ribbon coat rack
Release Date: July 09
Designer: Hemal Patel
Manufacturer: HeadSprung!


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  • modular

    This is so simple and so powerful. I really like it. I really do.

    Great job!

  • Most excellent. Nice feeling of movement. I’d buy one, definitely.

  • suket

    I would love to get one.
    great goin’ Hemal.

  • Matthias

    I’m jealous.

  • Zabel

    Great! Simple, pure and suggestive!
    Reminds me of a signature.

    I’ll take two, please!

  • Elena

    Seems like ribbon is fashionable these days a lot…


    Even though, a like it very much!!!

  • Everything is possible… :)

    Francois Beydoun

  • cecilia

    Qué zarpado!!!!!

  • SnowBallCity

    On the right wall in the right room, it would be perfect! Form and Function wound together.


    Very original! I love it. Where can I adquire one ?
    Can we buy it trough the Internet from Spain?
    And congratulations for your creativity!