Xarxa Sofa by Martí Guixé for Danese



Spanish designer Martí Guixé has designed an armchair for Italian brand Danese that consists of five large, loose cushions on a wood and metal frame.


The cushions can be reconfigured around the wooden seat, supported by metal arcs.


Buttons can be used to join the pillows together.


See Guixé's lighting project for Danese, Cau Sospensione, in our previous story.


Here's some more information from Danese:


multipurpose seat

xarxa Sofa is the natural evolution of xarxa: a structure to which five pillows can be freely arranged to ensure better comfort. the objective is creating a versatile product that can be liberally interpreted. the base is a bare structure in wood that supports the seat to which three arches in metallic rod are fixed.


the structure has been developed to host a set of xarxa pillows forming a comfortable armchair: two smaller pillows in neutral colours are put on the base while the bigger ones in darker colours and materials are inserted between the wooden and the metallic structures. to obtain diverse configurations, the positions of the pillows can be easily changed. they can be left more or less removed from the structure and at different distances. in order to get original solutions, the user can choose to join them together through buttons or simply put one on top of the other


the choice of metallic rods adds flexibility and elasticity to the structure. the back and arm rests are not stiff. on the contrary, they adjust under the weight of the person who is sitting while providing the right support. the pillows that function as arm rests can be stretched out to form a small corner where the user can find privacy and intimacy.


By folding the pillows and linking the provided buttons at the extremities you can join the pillows while the seat opens outwardly. the pillows can be separated from the structure, which can be used as a top in a more informal and dynamic situation.


materials & finishes:

structure in bircH wood multi-layer
armrest and back in painted metal rod in red, green, orange
5 xarxa cushions in cotton, linen, viscose and polyester


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  • Design for those of us whose decorating style might be described as controlled chaos. I like.

  • mikaël

    sketchy yet elegant , engages comfortable and possibly creative and gratifying interaction with the user, insightful use of the potential of production process and material properties while keeping a seemingly minimal intervention approache and the contrasts in colour and texture are just darling

    this definitely has a Urquiola feel to it ; I have to get one and see if it ages well

    also : what’s that thing next to the right leg on pic 9?

  • fanatic

    Great concept!
    Initially i tout it was rendered but as i look further,,, it is real.
    But i dun knoe y the shadows/reflections make the pictures looks so… fake..
    Wat do u tink guys?

  • ooohhhh….. there’s a reason why James Dean died young no?

  • i don’t see this working well and/or after a long use.
    well designed furniture must age well.

  • Cr

    I like it a lot but the photography is horrible ! You can tell they only used a lot of lighting from above .. so they had to get rid of the ugly shadows.

  • Typically me with pillows…
    Marvelous idea, keep going like that!

    Francois Beydoun

  • Sam Gregir

    My only question (all I ask of a sofa): can you sleep on it? Does it extend into an occasional bed? If not, please rethink.

  • Rodrigo Da Silva

    B to the ravo