Smith Pro by Jonathan Olivares for Danese



American designer Jonathan Olivares has designed a mobile, metal storage unit for Italian brand Danese.


Manufactured in two sizes, the products can be used as informal seating and low tables.


The unit can be suspended from the edge of a desk or wheeled around the workspace on castors.


Constructed from sheet metal, the pieces are finished in white, red, black or grey.


Here's some more information from Danese:


Smith Pro

Smith Pro is, like Smith, a moveable multifunctional storage that differs completely from any other classical type of furniture and stems from contemporary needs of living in both work and home environments.  It belongs to the new generation of hybrid and versatile objects developed by Danese, in which the user changes his/her perception of the object. Like Smith, it represents the mobile extension of our territories and can store anything. It is a private space in which you can arrange your own world of objects and with which you can live your daily life.


However, Smith Pro is most of all a secondary worktop that you can put next to your working position to add a useful working surface and support all the other technological devices that, nowadays, are essential to our working environment. It is perfect to hold a printer and the shelf down below is big enough for A3 sheets of paper. This is why it can be seen as an extension of classical worktops and can be used in other situations and for multiple purposes. It replaces the classical chest of drawers and it is suitable for all those working circumstances in which the digital pieces of equipment finally have a dedicated space.

The possibility to use two different containing spaces helps achieve better organization.

The first one, the smallest, is given by the space between the two tops. It is a sort of “open drawer”. The second top is more protected and reserved but easily accessible.


On the contrary, the bottom area is wider so that it can easily contain several ring-binders and can be used as a small “mobile archive”; very useful in modern working situations.


In a mobile work scenario, Smith Pro can be used as a temporary desk positioned next to two informal seats. It is a little shorter than a traditional table.


On the other hand, if it is used as domestic support, it can turn into stand for a TV or game console. It can replace a cart or a table with the addition of interesting functional options.

materials & finishes:

painted metal sheet in white, red, black, grey

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  • My back aches just looking at that second picture. I think the only person who’d be happy with that particular use of this piece would be the chiropractor. I like it as a storage unit tho’.

  • modular

    Yayyy….. Boring american design. Why is this featured here anyway?


    Let me see if I’m being censored again with my comments……. :|


  • Mark Hetterich

    …it’s not brand new either is it? hasn’t it been around a while already?


    the new macbook!

  • Sharon

    I like it. Where can I buy it? I need a portable, storage nightstand.

  • booh

    I wish there was a metal skirt or something on the chair so those wheels didn’t distract from the form. They are not very neutral, sculptural, or even interesting in the slightest… Plus when you hang it from the desk… those cheep little wheels make it look like “it wants to be” on the floor. I think that the idea of having a stool, chair, storage unit is conceptually interesting but those cheep little wheels throws the notion of versatility out the window. or a simpler solution. do the wheels come up or off when it becomes a hanging storage unit?

  • quinn

    This would sell for $19.95 at Ikea, and would quickly be relegated to the clearance bin…

  • Tom M

    Booh – the wheels are honest, they show what the object is capable of, even when it’s hanging from the table. Hiding them with a skirt would be decorative…crap.They communicate.What about being honest is cheap?

    Modular – What is boring about designing to support today’s technology. As far as I know, this is the first proper printer stand.And what other decent furniture do you know for a gaming console/dvd and small flatscreen?!

    Strong products!

  • andrews

    Except it is sells for 300 euros and Danese seems to do quite well with it.

  • dom

    look like a smashed Quad !
    the big difference is that Quad evolves with your needs and changes shape according to your desires…