Selfish & Devoted by Deger Cengiz



New York designer Deger Cengiz  has designed a gardening tool that combines a watering can with a plant pot.


"It's a love story between a devoted watering can and a selfish planting pot," says Cengiz.

Selfish & Devoted by Deger Cengiz_1.jpg

The spout is positioned so that water falls directly into the adjoining plant pot when the watering can is tilted. The angle of the pot causes the plant to grow away from the spout.


Called Selfish & Devoted, the product is made out of galvanised steel in a limited edition of ten for Voos Furniture.

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Posted on Sunday August 9th 2009 at 11:03 am by Ali Morris. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • OG

    i really like this one. different, funny and charming

  • B

    wouldn’t it be easier if the plant pot and the watering can were seperated?

  • Obayashi

    What a romantic but bitter sweet idea. A hopelessly devoted watering can that can never have its unrequited luv returned from the plant which will never grow towards it. Cengiz must be a die hard romantic at heart.

  • bodkin

    i really like this, it works on many levels, appearance, practicality, fun etc. and it’s good to see designers out there not taking things too seriously. but have a heart for the watering can, plant a trailing plant and let them get together

  • J*

    So, take the can, tilt it to get some water in (most taps are not that practical). Loose half the earth in the pot. Don’t put too much wter in the can. Because the can is 10 times bigger than the pot, you don’t need too much. Then water the pot. Put everything back on the floor, loose the other half of the soil of the little pot, with the water. On your floor.
    Nice one. Really usefull design. Clever and all. The sort of thing you (might) buy and then regret and leave to rust in your shed. Any sustainability guys? One watering can for one little useless pot? come on…
    Even if the two bit seem to be disconnectable, this is NOT design. Nor art. thank you for producing only ten of these things.

  • (to J*) I think your very much missing the point…

    Critical design, heard of this?

    The product has a purpose – It is simply to reflect a relationship between the watering can and the plant pot. In a satirical way.

    Being human means we can enjoy satire, reflect ourselves through design and have fun. Without play, design would be dull. I’m sure the world needs not another re-designed, re-purposed watering can that waters plants in a conventional way…

    Lighten up.

  • No freedom for this plant! :)

    Francois Beydoun

  • This is really nice.

    Down with the heartless haters!