Vase and kitchen timer by Studio Lama



Here's another ceramic product for the kitchen by Israeli designers Studio Lama, who created the ceramic radio in our previous story - this time a vase that incorporates a kitchen timer.


The timer is held in place by a wooden rod.


See our previous story on Studio Lama's ceramic radio here.


Here's some text from Studio Lama:


The Vase and Timer:

A ceramic Vase that integrates a cooking timer. An object that upgrades the status of the Timer and the Vase as well, so they can take there proper place in the kitchen. Moreover, it actualizes “1+1=3” in a distinct and refreshing manner.

Studio Lama is a multidisciplinary endeavor, founded in 2008 by Eitan Gigi and Ofer Dahan. The studio focuses on Product and Commercial Design. Design is what they love.

This love motivates them, as can be observed in the daily creative process, in their relations with clients and most obviously in their final products.

Preserving this desire for design is a primary objective in itself. It is constantly actualized when developing a new project, or when improving on an existing one by employing a unique creative interpretation within the limits of industrial reality.

Past years experience equipped them with abilities to navigate between projects and technologies. From the concept stage to the final production their creative process integrates research, observation and experimentation to achieve a verity of aesthetic, technological and engineering solutions.

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  • yesss!

    Love it, charming as the radio…

  • Xit

    Just checked their ridiculous website I must say the “Suck my vase N****” Vase is most curious.

  • Zabel

    Guess the N word loses meaning in Israel?
    I also chucked at the piggy bank vase.

    What comes out a pig’s arse smells like… flowers?

  • Fun with ceramics; cooooool!!!!

  • MrCoolTeapot

    A better solution would have been to make the insert shape unique so it holds the clock without the added appendage.
    I can see little hands wanting to play with the little stick and it getting lost in a pile of toys.