Home Away Dual Time Alarm Clock by Kit Men



Vancouver designer Kit Men has created an alarm clock with two faces for people who travel.


The Home Away Dual Time Alarm Clock is designed to make it easier for people to know what time to call home when they're away.


The product will be exhibited at the Art Directors Club Gallery in New York from October 21.


Here's some more information from the designer:


Home Away Dual Time Alarm Clock


In today’s world the idea of a long distance relationship is not an alien concept and has now become common practice for those who work, study or travel abroad. The dual-time alarm clock is a product that clearly and effectively allows the user to read the time and be reminded of those they care about in another part of the world.


Most dual-time clock users have these products because they maintain a regular relationship with somebody on the other side of the globe and the clock acts as a constant reminder of “Home” and “Away”. For example, a Hong Kong woman who has a routine where she calls her son studying in London everyday at the same time, for her Hong Kong is “Home” and London is “Away”.


This project explores how people’s perception can be diverted into an everyday product. The notion “Home and Away” has been the driving force behind this design and is visually demonstrated with two different degrees of color contrast on the clock interfaces, giving people a clear sense of priority.The higher contrast interface represents “Home” as the idea of home is always clear in the user's mind, while the lower contrast interface represents “Away” acting as a constant reminder of the distance away from home, this contrast allows the user to quickly and easily get the information they need with a passing glance of the clock. In addition to the visual elements of this design, the audio has also been taken in to consideration with each clock having its own unique alarm sound.

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  • toodles

    yeah ok but by the look of it i doubt i would take something that big with me when i travel. it also looks too fragile. this isn’t really well thought through. also you can get this sort of thing already in a much more sensible format.


  • I like the idea, but I think the design is rather cumbersome to carry when traveling…

    Francois Beydoun

  • Shane

    Beautiful design, great idea – “Timeless”!

    (i d like to purchase it – will it go into production?)

  • B

    buy it
    cut it through the middle and have one clock in one place and the other in the other
    oh wait..why not .buy 2 ordinary clocks…

  • joe

    sorry, I just use the dashboard on my mac for this…

    or the dual time set up on my phone…

    i really would never need a clock for this. it is a beautiful rendering, its just not for me…

  • Wadi
  • I’d buy this in a second. Could also be cool as a stylized chess timer.

  • I don’t know where all of these travel comments are coming from. READ THE TEXT PEOPLE!!! That being said, of course two clocks would do the job, but this isn’t just about two clocks. It’s a very clean and beautiful design.

  • toodles

    ‘It’s a very clean and beautiful design.’

    its oversized and out of proportion depthwise.


  • Dimitra

    Agree with Jeremiah! But those guys, who are so smart, maybe never lived away too far from mommy’s doorstep :)

    a beautiful design, and i would love to own one of these clocks, just to know what time it is in my hometown, i left so long ago (sentimental)…

  • Dimitra

    p.s Kit Men – i love the way you create something beautiful out of your personel story! it is very touching!

  • mil

    The world no need another beautifull temporary object….

  • @ toodles – I have a right to my opinion, you have the right to yours.

    I think the contrasting faces and the single piece of acrylic that wraps around to form the front of the clock is clean and beautiful. And how big do you really think this thing is? It’s not a wall clock, its a mantle or table top clock. There really isn’t anything to huge or awkward about it. To each their own I guess.

  • tanya telford – T

    i understand (reading the text) that the designers have tried to incorporate some emotional value (which is visual/tangible,) in the product, i think that’s quite good,

  • keypadz

    is it just me or should the clock faces be the other way around? the faint face should be the home clock, like a memory. Its confusing. Naturally if you are reading the time you would automatically look to the clearer sharper clockface. This is just backwards in my head.
    In the mornings blurry eyed i would probably read the clock which is clearer. bah its backwards. can’t anybody see this?
    It’s all well and good to have some sort of emotional element in the product but i think functionality is much more important in every case of every design, product whatever.
    Too many questions in this piece for it to be a substantial addition to the product world.

  • Kelys

    so beautiful!
    and based on experience than from dump theory!
    a masterpiece…

  • wing

    finally something thoughtful and new!

    this is more than just functional, also a stylish item on my tabletop
    i love it! well done Kit

  • tron_the_movie

    its a rendering! praise this when it is actually produced. an elephant can can ride a bike on my computer.

  • This is really nice.

  • This is great idea – we have all rung someone back home at the wrong time! I for one can never remember time differences and as an international writer find it tedious trying to remember who’s stil in bed and who’s gone to lunch.

  • -You see, I have got this fancy dual clock that gives the time of day in not one but two ! time zones.

    -But knowing the time over there is just a matter of simple arithmetics, right ? The same kind that helps count the spare change in your pockets, or the number of fingers you have.

    -Arithmetics ? What’s that ?

    -hum… maybe mathematical illiteracy has become part of the new range of problems modern 21st century humanity has to face.

    -err. yeah ! and if you call now you get the second half price, whatever that means…

  • omar

    the details are nicely managed, but its not a ‘design’ object. its two ikea clocks shoved together in a rendering. many people buy ikea, so it has merit, but i’ll reserve judgemnet till i see the product.

  • daniel roney

    As a dual time user, this is a really good “interaction” design, it solves my problem in the real world.

    we don’t need another Rashid’s clock.

  • LL

    the idea behind the design is good, but i’m still not convinced that it is practical. Like another reader said, most people can set their laptops to 2 different times. With the cost of shipping luggage going up, most people are going to carry around their laptops and not want to take another item with them to tip that cost.

    Keypadz…it looks backwards to me too.

  • Fred fred fred…. alas… you missed the point and accidentally lumped yourself into Bodkin’s ‘Hater’s Bargain Bucket Basement’… it’s a dark place no windows and musty damp air… but fear not! There is no Design there for you to hate and stew over.

  • Kaman

    guys, read the text first, “home” means local time here.

    so this is a “LOCAL and AWAY” clock.

  • @asdfghjkl

    It is not about hating, it is about critical sense.
    You can buy in anything you wish, but the emperor is naked, once again.

  • Nope. The Emperor has a really nice clock. And you are an angry man.

  • Where can I buy 200?

  • Hoodytwoshoes

    I'd love this for my new B&B. Any idea where I can get it?