Home Away Dual Time Alarm Clock by Kit Men

Vancouver designer Kit Men has created an alarm clock with two faces for people who travel.


The Home Away Dual Time Alarm Clock is designed to make it easier for people to know what time to call home when they're away.


The product will be exhibited at the Art Directors Club Gallery in New York from October 21.


Here's some more information from the designer:


Home Away Dual Time Alarm Clock


In today’s world the idea of a long distance relationship is not an alien concept and has now become common practice for those who work, study or travel abroad. The dual-time alarm clock is a product that clearly and effectively allows the user to read the time and be reminded of those they care about in another part of the world.


Most dual-time clock users have these products because they maintain a regular relationship with somebody on the other side of the globe and the clock acts as a constant reminder of “Home” and “Away”. For example, a Hong Kong woman who has a routine where she calls her son studying in London everyday at the same time, for her Hong Kong is “Home” and London is “Away”.


This project explores how people’s perception can be diverted into an everyday product. The notion “Home and Away” has been the driving force behind this design and is visually demonstrated with two different degrees of color contrast on the clock interfaces, giving people a clear sense of priority.The higher contrast interface represents “Home” as the idea of home is always clear in the user's mind, while the lower contrast interface represents “Away” acting as a constant reminder of the distance away from home, this contrast allows the user to quickly and easily get the information they need with a passing glance of the clock. In addition to the visual elements of this design, the audio has also been taken in to consideration with each clock having its own unique alarm sound.