BA_LIK by Vallo Sadovsky Architects



Slovakian architects Vallo Sadovsky have created a flexible pavilion for a public square in Bratislava.


The BA_LIK pavilion is composed of five wheeled elements that can be configured as exhibition or performance spaces.


Here's some text from the architects:


summer stage and exhibition pavilion for bratislava


BA_LIK pavilion designed by Vallo Sadovsky Architects is set in one of the Bratislava's historical squares. It is one of the projects of City Interventions, their long running initiative which invites young architects to propose feasible architectural solutions to various problems and neglected spaces in Bratislava, with the hope that, within an urban context, small changes can create big effects. (


Flexibility and mobility are main characteristics of the pavilion. The object itself is composed of 5 elements mounted on wheels that can be moved and connected so it becomes closed and compact or loosely open.


During the summer months it can be used for various cultural activities: a theater performance, concert or a photography exposition. Similar to how a concert differs from a theater performance the proposed structure can adapt and change.


In time when there is no particular event taking place, the pavilion becomes a modern city furniture, giving young contemporary identity to a square otherwise catering tourists with pseudo-historic “little big city”.


The pavilion is part of an ongoing research of Vallo Sadovsky Architects on how people can influence and modify the urban space using small architectural objects and furniture.


Naturally also various unintended types of interaction occur: the homeless sleep over, young people party inside, writers spray graphics, however none of them proved disruptive nor destructive. Fortunately, the Balik pavilion proves the fool-proof strategy usually preferred by city officials wrong.





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  • OCH

    i spent a great time here…

  • abeer

    Neat and clean

  • nice urban funtional “furniture”

  • gaque

    i think its pretty cool and eye catching. i only hope its durable and wont look like crap, and thus be walked passed, within just a few months..its an exciting way to enliven an area and give some bit of unpredictability

  • Stefan Balaz

    I’m glad to see that my home country (and city) has an active contemporary architectural “scene” and doing great projects like this. Hope to see more in the future!!
    I can’t wait to go back to visit!!


  • Nice! I like the caterpillar-y quality of it very much.

  • As a tube I don’t care for it, but as separate units it certainly does add something.

  • zee

    Very innovative design.

  • Interesting stuff! And the colors are bright and original.

  • Joseph

    It looks awsome… I love how it can get the public to engage with it and double as just not an art piece but something very architectural in a different format.