Gaudi Stool by Studio Geenen



Utrecht designer Bram Geenen of Studio Geenan has designed a stool based on the shape of hanging chains.


Called Gaudi Stool because it was inspired by architect Antoní Gaudi's method of designing structures for churches, the stool weighs one kilogram.


The grid-like structure of the underside was made of rapid-prototyped polyamide and covered in a carbon-fibre shell.


Here's some more information from  Studio Geenen:


Gaudi Stool

The shape of the Gaudi Stool was created in the same way that Antoní Gaudi designed the structure of his churches, by making a model of hanging chains, so letting gravity determine the strongest and most logical shape for withstanding forces.


The Gaudi-stool was part of the furnistructure project. In the Furnistructures project was researched how lightweight products can be designed. Lightness has a lot advantages, in the use of products and their impact on the environment. This has lead to a research into structural systems, as found in nature and architecture, and the possibilities of designing lightweight furniture using such systems.


Materials & techniques:

A thin shell made of carbon fiber deals with the compressive forces. A beam-grid substructure resists bending of the shell. The substructure was made using rapid-prototyping techniques, in order to achieve the needed complexity. The rapid-prototyped structure was then used as a mold for the carbon-fiber laminates. This combining of these two high-tech techniques decreased costs of both of them, and made them applicable in a product.

carbon-composite, polyamide. 1kg.

The project includes a series of designs for furniture.

Of these unrealized designs, the Gaudi-chair is currently being developed in cooperation with Dutch research institute TNO

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  • Clever design and good looking ;)

    Francois Beydoun

  • B

    2 hip materials combined in one object does noes noet make one ultra hip stool.
    first of all..the structure at the bottom looks very nice…
    but boy waht a waste of materials to make a stool that i don’t think is very comfortable, practical has a rather high price functionality ratio…

    and if you’re going to quote gaudi..
    why not drape the textile like he did and freeze it with some resin..turn it upside down and voila ..a stool..I don’t see where the rapid prototyping in the strong structure comes in..since rapid prototyping is not a really the strongest appearance of nylon..

  • Björn

    so nice and so pure !

  • bodkin

    beautiful and elegant, it manages to do the job of supporting buns and does it looking great in the process

  • Hayden

    Very pretty. Can you sit on it ? Could Dezeen make a mandatory requirement, that all objects submitted for inclusion on the blog have an image of the user USING the object.

    God that would weed some of the crap out here.

  • Hayden

    …not saying this is crap.

  • Ani

    I love how it looks like architecture at first glance. Thanks for the great post!

  • Zabel

    It’s very appealing.

    While a lot of designers appreciate “honesty” in structure, it would probably be an instant classic (more commercially viable) if the undercarriage were wrapped in a gloss wood grain veneer.


    …That one was free. I’ll charge for the next million dollar idea.

  • Ok, got to say, this is really cool. Now I just need to be assured that its comfortable and then I want one!
    Don’t get the Gaudi connection though, that is I don’t agree with it. Looks way to modern and minimal to be Gaudi.

  • CROFTdesign

    Yea, I’d sit on that.

    Although, I disagree with ‘B’ about the object’s seemlingly lack of functionality, “…it has a rather high price functionality ratio…”
    A stool is made to support your bottom and this stool does so in an artistic way. Very beatiful object; the stool as art. Cheers!

  • CROFTdesign

    I also think that STUDIO GEENEN should implement a barstool version!

  • Simo


    Love the super clean aesthetics & micro structural novelty of the stool.

    I can understand the connection with Gaudi, the most interesting part is that the technological means we have today allow us to have such thin and perfectly finished structures.

    No ugly and oversized members and joints.

    Frankly, its the first time I’ve heard of Studio Geenen, but hats off to you guys!

  • B

    oh croft ..please don’t use the art-escuse.
    I am totally not against art in design and design in art..but when most designers pretend to make art it is in general very superficial.
    but maybe I should explain why i don’t dig the stool.
    i dig the structure and I agree it looks pretty..and I am totally not against using carbon fiber..but there is something structually incoherent in this design
    the white structure was rapid prototyped..the shape/structure itself is indeed a way to make a strong structure..only when rapid prototyping the object is created in layers the layers will probably not really match the rib structure making it not as strong as it could have been…in this stool sitting on the carbon fiber structure would actually create a pulling force on the nylon and might split in layers.(because the legs would want to spread).I’ll be convinced i was wrong if i see a picture of someone standing on the stool
    and then the carbon fiber…very well made but in my opinion not so very well designed. the reason to use carbon fiber would probably be it being strong and light..but in that case I think an extra layer of carbon fiber would probably make the stool stronger than the nylon rapid prototype structure so it could do without the rapid prototype structure…that is not strong enough to stand on its own…
    the whole project appears to be an exercise in getting the best out of a material but it is just contradicting itself …
    if one would want a very light would have used carbon fiber only,..if one would have wanted to make a strong structure in rapid prototyping…why not go all the way and do it without the carbon..
    I just have the feeling that carbon and rapid prototyping is only used for esthetic reasons..and not for structural reasons as is implied
    and as for quoting gaudi.. gaudi proved that one could predict/calculate strong structures by a simple method of hanging a string structure from the ceiling
    and using it upside down as architecture…so without computers…and that’s the whole great thing about the was done without computers..and as far as i know..rapid prototyping is done with computers..
    and that would have been to easy …carbon fiber is before the resin is put on a kind of string…that you could use to dangle in a simple structure..upside down…parabolic..all by itself and gravity..then a little resin..wait till it gets hard….ah well..I’m off to buy some carbon fiber stickers for my car to make it look lighter.

  • B
    the strings again,..the other link appeared to be corrupt

  • Hilmar Þór

    I agree with Gunnar Á and don’t get the Gaudi connection it is more a Piere Luigi Nervi thing….its structure and its “architecture”. I like it as a chair/stool collector

  • ferran10

    its clear. b is green of envy. good job geen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • funny to compare with a stool designed by Gaudi

  • Looks interesting when the view point is from 20 or 30cms. above ground level but when seen from normal eye-level would not most of its attraction would be lost.

  • cpcp

    I agree with B
    From a structural point of view this project is very flawed.

    The rib density appears to increase exponentially towards the legs, and as a result creating tooling for this nylon base would be difficult, and probably impossible to cool the tool.

    The legs also dont have any cros ribbing and the ribs themselves appear vey shallow in depth – which would probably mean they either buckle… or twist and snap when a load is placed on the stool.

    Sorry but its a product trying hard to have a structural ‘aesthetic’ but no structural knowledge backing it at all.

    I’m happy to be proven wrong, but theres probably a very good reason why there are no pictures with someone sitting or standing on this stool.

    Poor press photos too – there is no sense of scale, and the seating area itself looks very small.

    My 2c.

  • Maham Z

    It’s too complicated just for a stool! Then I don’t see any feature of Gaudi structures in this.

  • Beautiful Design,
    I’m sure its must float around in a breeze, it must be insanely light.
    It must cost an absolute fortune though…

  • IS’t a real stool?

  • requiredname

    that must have been one painful stool!

  • Ms Jansen

    Dear B,
    I saw this stool at the graduation exhibition of geenen.
    And there I saw someone sitting on it…

  • roger

    very strange proportions: seat looks too small for a low stool (in comparison to leg length) and if its a high stool, no footrest….humm confused.

  • Bernd

    Very nice stool and I’d like to sit on it. It looks more like aerospace design than Gaudi to me, but Gaudi is a way better name;)