Catcher by Joseph Joseph



Richard and Antony Joseph of London kitchenware brand Joseph Joseph have designed a lemon squeezer that has a collar to catch pips and pulp.


The hand-held juicer comes in yellow with a black collar made of flexible rubber.

More about Joseph Joseph on Dezeen:

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  • Hilmar Þór

    This one is really nice and functional.

    Far better than the unusable rubbish by the overrated Philippe Stark.

  • cpcp

    why didn’t they put the guard all the way around to stop the lemon spitting juice on your clothes and surfaces?!?!?!?

    Come on dezeen……

    WOW … a lemon squeezer WITH A COLLAR!!
    Dont tell me this is the best ‘design’ from around the world today!???

  • ambroise

    to cpcp :

    It’s just a good idea.
    Does not pretend to be “the best design from around the world today “…..

  • A nice evolution of the lemon squeezer that has always existed often in southern France (from Olive wood). But the details to hold the seeds is great, because it was always a problem “for me” who owns already one from wood…

    This object who looks so simple, it is well thought as a design and choice of materials.

    Good design & well done!

    Francois Beydoun

  • toodles

    nup no way. if you buy this you are obviously one of the people who don’t eat watermelon pits. absolutely pointless object in my opinion. If you can’t squeeze a lemon without a specialized device then there is seriously something wrong with your logic system.


  • Jad

    (to cpcp: if you had a bad day, go to the gym to feel easy…_

    if they would have called it lemon-squeezer-travelling-kit, you could even imagine using it on the train!

  • it looks good. but lemon juice is good for your skin – I prefer to do this squeezing often with my bare hands and have my own technique to catch the seeds. but with fruit with a thick skin this might come handy

  • Designer: Graeme Davies

    • johnatrott

      Lemon juice good for your skin? Maybe for a greasy nose, but certainly not hands. Lemon juice is a very effective degreaser and is TERRIBLE for skin! Really, really BAD.

  • punkdaft

    But I like pulp…

  • I could try to make a “caipirinha” with that, how want some????

  • hayden

    Beautiful. And even a context shot of a USER using it, Dezeen on its way back up !

    Toodles: stick to your graphic design.

  • sp

    Very indulgent product. But I want one

  • steve

    Am I missing something??…

    A good design, well done.

    Beautiful manufacture, well done again designer.

    -if you like pulp, you can always put it in.
    -if you like pips, you can always put them in.
    -if you like lemon juice on your hands, place your hand in the glass once you have finished!

    Sounds like the perfect design to me!

  • rek

    I’m getting really tired of the pointlessly negative and hostile comments on Dezeen, such as cpcp’s and toodles’.

  • Its rare you see great kitchen products, i mean im a purist to some degree, i use a knife for most things… Im a simple man, with simple tastes… I have to commend Joseph Joseph, they have consistently brought desirable functional products to market.

    I very much agree with steve and rek above.

  • nice idea. i guess the only downside is that you need a container to juice the lemon into, as opposed to the ones with a trough. i like it none-the-less

  • Lawrence Chan

    Excellent design…
    Hopefully an Orange Squeezer by Joseph Joseph will be available soon…

  • Hayden

    rek: they’re more than likely graphic designs or douches, or a combination of both.

  • designgurunyc

    well done! another good piece of useful design from joseph joseph who are actually looking at how to make life function 9 a little bit) better!

  • sketchbook

    Hayden Says:

    September 5th, 2009 at 5:59 am
    rek: they’re more than likely graphic designs or douches, or a combination of both.

    no i think these people critisizing the product have a realistic view on product design. Products like this add to the thousands and thousands of unecessary and therefor wasteful products being produced every year.
    This is a product that is purely for the designers wallet. I am a product designer and i can tell you that this idea would not be justified for production in my office. This is irresponsible.

  • Noj

    This is genius in its total simplicity and functionality. It also looks good – I want 10 for me and al my friends. Well done on maitaining yr excellent standards and perpetual innovation J-J. Keep designing Mr Designer – you have the potential to design the big one !

  • rek

    Hayden – *I’m* a graphic designer, as it happens.

  • hayden


    Your a product designer ? That’s fantastic ! Your telling me the products you create DON’T add to the ‘thousands of wasteful products being produced every year’ ?

    They don’t earn a profit for their respective companies ? C’mon. Stop being so naive.

    I respect that you have your opinion and don’t think this of ‘worthy’ production that’s fine. Perhaps you’ve never juiced a lemon, or know of anyone with arthritis.

    Where can we see what your office produces ?

  • J*

    Hmmm, first of all, I have to say I agree entirely with Sketchbook…

    and then to criticize contructively the product here are my thoughts:

    when you squeeze a lemon for its juice, using a ‘device’: you spin the lemon, squeezing it quite hard against the device, otherwise, no much juice can be collected… , then, have you ever tried to squeeze that lemon when the device isn’t properly sitting on a solid table? Here I just think you’d make a mess trying this stuff…

    Conclusion: i’ll stick to my extremely successful 10 years old lemon squeezer that does exactely what it is meant to do.

  • Xit

    I see this product and think of all the Grandmothers who have their drawers rammed with an array of kitchen gadgets, tool for cutting egg tops, prongs to eat corn on the cob etc…

    All these gadgets work to a greater or lesser extent but if wer’e totally honest we could easily do without, unless having a disablilty.

    Some use a spring loaded injection moulded potato smasher, others use a fork.