Found Form by Enina Waelstham
for Mormels design


Found Form by Mormels design 13

Dutch designer Enina Waelstham of Mormels Design has created a collection of lamps made by covering objects in recycled paper.

Found Form by Mormels design 12

Each of the three lamps is made by using papier-mâché to paste the recycled paper over found objects such as coffee cups.

Found Form by Mormels design 6

The papier-mâché form is then cut open to allow the objects to be retrieved and returned to their original function, and the shell is sealed back up to create the lamp.

Found Form by Mormels design 11

Here's some text from Mormels:


The fresh new design studio Mormels is very proud to present ‘Found Form’ by Enina Waelstham.

Found Form by Mormels design 5

Dutch native Enina Waelstham (1980) didn’t go through any of the well-known Dutch canals to get to where she is now.

As an autodidact she gained and developed her expertise in design via many different jobs in design company’s worldwide, including Amsterdam, Shanghai, New York and Munich. Now Enina has taken the exciting next step by setting up her studio Mormels design in London, UK.

Found Form by Mormels design 4

The growing family of lamps; ‘Found Form’ is the first design to be presented under her own name and company. It is a clear presentation of Mormels’ and Enina Waelstham’s vision for design, for the future of our planet and our homes.

Found Form by Mormels design 1

‘Found Form’ investigates reusing the wealth we already have in our world, as the shapes of the lamps come from existing objects in our everyday surroundings.

Found Form by Mormels design 9

By linking these shapes and taking their combined shape via the traditional technique of papier-mâché a new fascinating object comes to life. The material used to create the lamps over these objects is recycled paper, thus creating a lightweight, eco friendly, biodegradable and unique lamp.

Found Form by Mormels design 14

‘Found Form’ is an exciting and ongoing project bound to give people a new view at what is already around us in our overflowing world.

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  • Without being mean, are these lamps comply with (the standards of European Union) security?

    I mean about the material: inflamable or not, etc.
    Because if so, the idea is great and the product can be used safely by everyone!

    Francois Beydoun

  • LOW

    Pixar 100 B.C.

  • m!

    A good idea that generates an ugly result.

    (looks like a school project).

  • I like! Very curious whatels she will make! :)

  • plankton

    Like it a lot !!!!! simple but fresh.

  • OMG, I love these! They look like something out of a Wallace and Gromit film. Very rough and skewed and charming. Just my cuppa design.

  • sketchbook

    so sick of the line….’dutch designer so-and-so has created ____ by wraping/covering/breaking/joining/mixing etc etc’ just design something efficient and useful within itself from scratch. show us and others that you are aware of the concept of design and not just hodge podge craft. so tired of this.

  • These do require a first, a second and a third look before you can open up to them, but their beauty remains elusive…

  • facespace

    Can we not admit that these are ugly?
    I’m tired of trying to see things in the best possible light… I don’t want to always have to look deeper into how things are made to somehow make them pleasing… they look like deformed air horns.

  • Whats the point? The papar is wasted, it could have been recycled. If the lamps were working, covered with inflammable paper, can they still be used? Why are we seeing this work at all?

    • Dustin

      Guessing you didn't read the description? The paper IS recycled, and there aren't any actual preexisting lamps involved.

      I like the concept but agree that they aren't very attractive.

  • cool

    Reminds me of solid poo!!

  • joe

    reminds me of something like african township craft or something. all though that is a bit more impressive as those people sometimes have no tools or materials other than rubbish around them

  • The ugliness is weird and wonderful.
    A shame people have to throw in all that eco-blab.

  • I really love this idea !! it’s very friendly to environment.

  • Kristopher Adams

    Although I am rather sceptical about the safety of such a design I am completely sold on it’s idea and the honesty that’s embedded into such a product/object.

  • Good God, have those chaps not heard of rulers?!

    … Whenever I think of Dutch Design with it’s wobbly lines, hand stiching and ‘processes’ I always think of Swiss Design (ecal basically) with it’s coloured powder coated metal and geomteric wood mix things. Could we not organise some kind of exchange programme here to mix things up a bit?

    – yes I know she didn’t go to Eindhoven – but we do have the internet these days.