Camper store in London by Tokujin Yoshioka



A new store for shoe brand Camper designed by Tokujin Yoshioka will open in Regent Street, London later this month.


The store will feature a wall covered in folded artificial red suede, a development of an installation Yoshioka created for Italian funiture brand Moroso in New York in 2007, which used folded tissue.


The chairs shown here, which also use the tissue technique, are Yoshioka's Bouquet chair for Moroso.


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Photos are by Alessandro Paderni. Here's some text from Yoshioka:


Elements existing in nature such as plants and flowers always please us with their ever-changing expression.


The idea for this new store, which incorporates such beautiful and miraculous principles of nature, is derived from the installation presented in New York in 2007, where approximately 30,000 sheets of tissues were covered in the entire space and created the reminiscent of snowscape.


On designing the new store concept for Camper, the Spanish leading shoe brand, I pondered on creating a new value by embracing Camper's brand identity and the originality of my design as Camper has collaborated a number of projects with distinctive international creators until now.


The red flower blossoms with an emphasis on the corporate color are in full bloom in the store.  The store shares the similar world-view of the Bouquet Chair and brings elation to the viewers. It expresses the nature of tissue installation on more permanent basis.


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  • tanya telford – T

    i like this but am slightly biased, exhibited a chair covered by 100 hand made tissue paper flowers a few years, lots of people sat on it so it didn’t last long, really like the fragility and delicacy of tissue paper. I have a feeling this work is even better than these pictures show, really pretty.

  • Hol

    I like his work, but it is becoming more and more a repetition of a repetition.

  • 1 mn sketch, 1 0000 000 roses for 3 shoes: nice

  • Love the chairs. But the walls? Look good, for sure. But holy moly they are gonna catch a lot of dust and crud and be nearly impossible to clean, I would think. The hausfrau in me is really troubled by that.

  • Morgan Geist

    Hello this is Morgan Geist,

    I must say, I hope the interior is better than in the photos (usually its the other way around).

    The Bouquet chairs look to have one of the most unresolved bases I have seen in a long time. The base looks like an excuse to hold up the seat section.

    looking forward >>


  • eatarcheatart

    Very Unique of Camper!

  • sketchbook

    even though i find morgan geist lame, both the use of his name and the real morgan geist’s music, i must say i absolutely agree with him on the bases of these chairs. Also where is the store in the photographs? all i can see is this chair and a wall. The chair of which is pre existing is it not?

  • royal creme

    Beautiful chairs but my immediate thoughts were the same as Tanya’s, how much sitting can these chairs sustain? How will these walls look in a few months? But the colors and the folding is certainly a feast for the eyes…

  • Chris

    “the most unresolved bases i’ve seen in a longtime…”
    come on…how long have you been around and what were you looking at all this time? why don’t you stop by a MOROSO showroom and see the base for yourself, in person and then paste your reactions on here. MOROSO has been manufacturing furniture since the 50’s and I would say they know what they’re doing…especially since this base is used in many of their products.

  • Morgan Geist

    Hello this is Morgan again,

    Chris. I am not doubting MOROSO’s integrity as a manufacturing company.
    But you said it, “this base is used in many of their products”.
    Tokujin Yoshioka, a designer with a high sensitivity to form and texture, a disciple of the late Japanese master Shiro Kuramata. Goes and grabs a stock standard base for his chair…Now something is wrong here…



  • cool

    “Hello this is Morgan Geist”

    Why should we know who you are???

  • booh

    By Tissue, do they mean like Fabric Tissue. Or Felt Tissue? Because I think that’s what that means… This is confusing people if it was paper tissue it wouldn’t last- but felt tissue is another story… I just think eating crackers or cookies on one of these would be a bit of a no no.

  • Massa

    a great design, through and through!
    the chairs could become classics!

  • rob

    this is indeed a terrible way of introducing a project which was meant to be full of excitement.

    the images are not convincing at all, the chairs are controversial, and what has these flowery stuff got to do with the branding identity of Camper? It’s a mere branding project for Yoshioka and that defeats the spirit of the collaboration. It’s very disappointing indeed.

  • Morgan Geist

    Hello, This is Morgan Geist.

    Rob, Totally agree with you.
    Interesting how PR timing can work to your disadvantage if its not right on. looks like too early is worse than too late.


    p.s hello Cool

  • I Can Has Cheeseburger

    I walk pass the store and it is wide open!!

  • Muy interesante e innovador como todas las propuestas de camper