Hila Gaon bridal store by k1p3


Karina Tollman and Philipp Thomanek of Israeli studio k1p3 have completed the interior of a bridal concept store in Tel Aviv for fashion designer Hila Gaon.

Dresses from the current collection are hung in a gallery-like space.

The complete collection is stored in an illuminated, translucent cupboard spanning the length of one wall.

A large dressing room and fitting area are provided for the bride and bridal party.

Store mannequins were custom made by k1p3 based on traditional seamstress dummies.

Below the store is Gaon's workshop, fitted with second-hand furniture from vintage markets.

Photos are by Ardon Barhama.

More info from k1p3:


We are a young Tel Aviv architecture practice [back from London for 9 years now], we do mainly retail and residential work and some artist collaborations.

Wedding gown shop in Tel Aviv for local fashion designer Hila Gaon.
Is a concept shop where 9 dresses hang/hover alone outside, in a dark gallery like space, representing the different collections and one lit, long, translucent cupboard wall contains all the rest of the collections [apx170dresses].

On the right is a second white space with a large mirror wall and a dressing room for the bride + entourage.

The store works by appointment, and contains the haute couture workshop underneath.

The manequins were custom made by us according to old seamstress dolls. Most of the furniture is vintage and fleemarket.

We collaborated with graphic designer Nurit Koniak for the logo and branding and the photographs were taken by photographer Ardon Barhama.

Architects Karina Tollman & Philipp Thomanek, k1p3 architects.

Click on the plan for larger image

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  • modular

    the “haute couture workshop underneath” doesn’t seem very much ‘haute couture’. Regarding the rest I think it is ok, even though it seems a little bit like I was inside a box of some pharmaceutical pill.

  • Kong

    I really like the black texture, what’s the materials ?

  • I like the black texture and the contrast it creates. The illuminate frosted dress storage area is a little much. Make me feel like something should be on ice behind those doors.

  • L Skeeters

    The dark store is not mood-conducive to the festiveness of the occasion and mannequins hanging from the ceiling are terribly creepy if not depressing. The store is very well planned in its conception, nice angles, interesting views and the finishes are quite sophisticated, but the store does not appear sophisticated.

  • Wang Din

    no doubt It is a unique concept for bridal shop, anywhere, not just in israel. I like the fresh ideas, the details, the space and the simplicity

  • Very nice work.
    Good to finally see something from K1P3 published – (it was about time!)

  • erj

    Beautiful, but a little erie for a bride.

  • all these dresses are different from some ones i have seen before,which give me some thinking more.

  • youknowwho

    the black interior is amazing bringing out the dresses and hiding everything else.
    all other bridal stores are so white and have a “busy” view. this one lets you focus on the merchandise and de-focuses you away from other individuals or just noise at the store. very very useful concept. its the first bridal store i’ve ever seen like this, one of its kind. kudos to the designers k1 and p3. (begs the question, where’s #2…)

  • Serge Demulder

    It looks somewhat sinister, macabre: dresses hanging from the ceiling… Not really festive.

  • miki amati

    very impressive, artistic, special and inspiring..
    wish you both good luck, happiness and a great new year.

  • I like it, sophisticated and provides a blank canvas for the dresses themselves. I would think a consumer would find this a refreshing change.

  • September 16th 009 3:30 pm
    I find it absolutely extraordinary, and am sure that everybody
    wil be able to choose among this unique assortiment. Bravo and
    happy new year to accomplish further this elegant canvas!

  • Congratulations for this extraordinary concept everything is just
    perfect in its simplicity and estetic presentation.
    Wish you both good luck and a happy New Year

  • Hey i liked it. Can anyone tell me what material is used for flooring, walls and ceiling?? cement? or stone?

  • claudia

    You have come a long way, baby. Love from me,and the family, Shana’ Tova’ Claudia

  • claudia

    it’s really very striking, I like it very much, love, Claudia

  • It is definitely very different from the bridal boutiques we are used to – It is very dark and I’m not sure it reflects the positive mood of the occasion.
    The dresses hanging are similar to the morbid displays in All Saints Spitalfields which made the press not to long ago.

  • Mikael kamras

    You are doing things very nicely, very stylich, very professional good as always. Good luck for the future and Shana Tova.
    Eva and Mikael

  • marcel farhood

    sorry ///dejas vu 4/10