.ORI sto by Jakub Piotr Kalinowski


Polish designer Jakub Piotr Kalinowski has created a stool inspired by origami.

Called .ORI sto, the stool is made of folded metal and can be stacked.

Here's some more information from the designer:


.ORI sto. It is a simple stool inspired by origami. As a result of that arose a product of a light and simple form.

Use of a bending and cutting method allowed to satisfy main design assumption: simplicity and lost manufacturing costs, by dint of that the mass production is possible.

That is why this stool is aimed to a mass customer: can be used in both public institutions and private houses. Currently .ORI sto. is in a prototype realization stage.

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  • Zabel

    Now with reduced pressure on your perineum!

  • gray

    very nice. could we see the reality please?

  • Matthias

    Just think of the possibilities if you set this piece of furniture upside down…

  • michelalano

    Very elegant, beautiful design, but it looks like it would either damage the floor or the pristine sharp edges of the feet would buckle.

  • Pretty but sharp…
    Don’t leave the kids playing hop-frog with it.

  • Peter

    Wow this looks just like Noguchi’s origami chair! Amazing likeness!

  • Pat

    I’m from Poland too! I love this design!!!

  • SB


  • looks like a stool i did 3 years ago – but you couldn’t stack it…
    was build though – not renderd
    on my version already the client was complaining that the sharp legs would puncture their wooden floor – you will have the same problem.
    funny how certain things always pop up from different people…

  • Aziz

    oh the glory of the Rendering

  • I really like these. I’m on a faceted kick these days.

  • ktanleysubrick

    michael – great desing. i like your proposition much more. also yours ordos villa project is eye-candy for me. thanks for link.