Sclavi’s Rolling Chair by Sergio Calatroni Artroom


Sergio Calatroni Art Room in Milan have customised a wheelchair for Italian art director Fabrizio Sclavi.

This, the second customisation of Sclavi's wheelchair, adds a textile patchwork seat to the previous tape customisation done in 2008.

Here's some text by Miyuki Yajima/Sergio Calatroni Artroom:


Sclavi's Rolling Chair by Sergio Calatroni Artroom

For the person who live toghether everyday with the rolling chair, this tool has the same meaning than clothes or underwear.

The rolling chair which he have an intimate relationship is not anymore an simple object.

The motivation of the customization has born from the idea to pour more love into the rolling chair who can influence user's mood.

This Fabrizio Sclavi's , famous Italian Art Director, rolling chair have been customized already twice including this last customization.

First change was  done in summer 2008 and was all based on the tape, we can consider as Tape Art. In this change rolling chair has got his clothes.

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  • WoW such a lovely cool thing. This need the right person for this cool & it is so right for Fabrizio Sclavi. It is beyond the rolling wheel but plenty of inspiration^O^

  • modular

    all that fabric. not that hygienic.

    most of the users of rolling chairs – old people – generally poo themselves. so this will definitely not work for those people.

    but if this is a customization for a certain person… maybe it will work.

  • B

    And I envy the bad broken english (with an italian accent) press release that sounds so passionate..but would be absolute rubbish when written in proper english.
    or very short: why not make a wheelchair that looks more like the clothes you wear since you are in it every day. (funny clothes though!)

  • Luchoboy

    Zoolander’s “derelicte” is finally a reality. The idea es pretty much customization. Like signing a cast, i guess. But this screams homeless.

  • SB

    i support the idea of customizing wheel chairs. but i am very unsure of this one. just not my style i guess.

  • m

    a decorated wheelchair, nice
    seems a bit over-pretentious to me to make a press release for that though

  • bodkin

    i agree with m, it’s not really worth issuing a statement about. i did something similar to a bike i had when i was younger. i bet everyone reading this has customised something they own at some point in their life, it’s not really a big deal

  • If anyone is aware of the Colorware service for products like the iPhone, Playstation, XBox ect ect, they should offer a wheelchair paint job customisation where you could choose the colour of every part in beautiful matt powder-coating…

  • Amit

    Just what every quadriplegic hobo wants for christmas.