Fingers by Nik Ramage for Laikingland


London Design Festival 09: artist Nik Ramage will present a mechanical copy of his own hand that continually drums its fingers at 100% Design in London next week.

Called Fingers, and featuring resin fingers cast from Ramage's own, it will be shown by kinetic brand Laikingland at 100% Design at Earls Court, London from 24-27 September.

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Here's some information from Laikingland:


Laikingland: On the move to London

Fingers by Nik Ramage are an eternally tapping mechanical copy of the artist’s own hand.  At the flick of a switch the resin cast fingers drum rhythmically, until switched off.

The UK and Netherlands based creative collaboration, who have been clapping up a storm since the launch of their first product the Applause Machine 12 months ago, are launching 2 new beautifully crafted kinetic objects at 100% Design, Stand G92, Earls Court, London, 24th -27th September.

The product range, manufactured in the UK and available in limited editions, now comprises of; Applause Machines by Martin Smith, Magnet Mobiles by Ivan Black and Fingers by Nik Ramage.

With their playful approach to design and business Laikingland have won many fans and customers. Kanye West, the hip-hop star and cultural entrepreneur, when describing Laikingland’s Applause Machine on his blog, is rendered adorably speechless: "I THOUGHT OF SO MANY COMMENTS FOR THIS POST THAT IT HURT MY BRAIN AND I GAVE UP”.

Laikingland’s kinetic objects are available direct from Laikingland and through several UK and Dutch retailers including The Culture Label, London and the Frozen Fountain, Amsterdam.

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  • It’s creepy and it’s kooky,
    Mysterious and spooky,
    It’s all together ooky,
    The drumming Fingerlies.

  • So many uses; waiting to be served at a G. Ramsey restaurant? doctor’s waiting room? waiting for clients to make their minds up? waiting for planning permission? the list is endless. I’ll order a truck load please…maybe take them to the tory party conference to be used whilst waiting for any sign of coherent policy or thought?

  • Booh

    I just threw up in my mouth… This is gross and creepy. It’s like the Adams family on crack

  • Sweet.

  • I would put the fingers on a drum and program the movement.
    It could add to thepresent rather mundne constant function.

  • hd


    I want one.

  • YES. Like it. I need one that auto-strokes my cats.

  • David

    So cool!

    I’d love to have one of these at work and take it to meetings; when it’s getting ever duller than usual the fingers start tapping… and tapping… and tapping…

    Genius! I want one!

  • It’s not design

  • Martin

    Clonic, can you please qualify you statement, “it’s not design”?

  • joey croteau

    can it be made to give me a handjob?

    I’d be shooting off all over the place!

  • kit

    where the video?

  • Martin
  • I would put the fingers on a drum and program the movement.

    It could add to thepresent rather mundne constant function.