Pebble by Osko+Deichmann


London Design Festival 09: Berlin design studio Osko+Deichmann will present a range of seating inspired by a pebble at The Dock in London next week.

Designed for Swedish brand Blå Station, the Pebble range are based on a stone found in the designers' studio.

The range includes an armchair, two- and three-seater sofas, and a footstool.

Pebble will be shown at VORBOTEN: 7 Studios from Berlin, at The Dock from tomorrow.

The Dock takes place at Portobello Dock, 344 Ladbroke Grove, London W10 from 21-27 September.

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Here's some text from the designers:



Pebble is a sofa and easy chair- range that could provide both calm and an opportunity to recharge – right in the midst of a hectic life.

As the name indicates the range is inspired by rocks and stones, because of their size, strength and unchangeable qualities, they symbolize harmony.

Pebble comes as an easy chair, a 2-seater sofa and a 3-Seater sofa, which can as well be used as a daybed extra bed when you have night guests. The easy chair can be accompanied by a footstool.

In their studio the designers noticed a small, beautifully rounded pebble.

It was dark grey, very smooth and had a neat white line running across it.

The line as a graphic element, together with the pebble’s pleasant form and texture, became the base for the design in PEBBLE.

They also added a functional ornament, the wire frame enclosing the sofa and holding the loose cushions in place, to create an interesting line pattern often found on stones.

Posted on Sunday September 20th 2009 at 12:03 am by Sarah Housley. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • vico

    looks very good, like stones held together by a rubber band
    ok for the cair and footstool but the sofas don’t hit the same way

  • pflix

    nice… very nice, especially the brown one

  • YuYu

    this is so simple and elegant – i want one. such a contrast with the jasper morrison vitra slab in the advert which is fairly dull by comparison.

  • there’s something very nice about this sofa that i truly like! i’m not sure if it’s the colour, or maybe the wire frame… pebble inspiration…
    i really like it. i think cute it’s the right adjective!

  • Emma from Malta

    love them!

  • meh

    Why is there a glut of new design cribbing the shitty late 90’s starbucks color pallete? Or is it just me?

  • part-time geek

    Really nice, I love the arm chair…and with the footstool it looks so nice.
    I don’t think the arm rests work quite right, but the second I saw it I thought of those grey pebbles on the beach, will have to come and have a look at the Dock,
    Good job, S.B

  • Le Corbusier meets the year 2009 with the 90’s starbuck color pallete? Way to take “inspiration” from a design and not even give credit for it.

  • krimane

    Absolute delight! the black and white is a winner.

  • Xit

    Saw this in the flesh at the VIA Paris, a strong well executed piece.

    ^ Part time geek, I’m also undecided about the arm rests but maybe without them it looses its force ?

    Another ‘good’ project in the Cage trend (Bouroullec, Nourget, Levy, Barber/Osgerby….etc)

  • bodkin

    i agree with the comment from xit about the arms, not so sure they work visually, otherwise really nice looking chairs and i’d happily park my butt on one

  • part-time geek

    Yes Xit I left it a day, came back to it and still remain unhappy with the arms.

    If this was my design I would still see this as unresolved, maybe something could have been done to be similar to the rest of the Upholstery? I would think that maybe a better outcome, or maybe armless? S.B

  • part-time geek

    I take it all back, at the Dock this evening I saw the green armchair, and the arm rests were in the same colour, it visually works better ten fold, case closed for S.B

  • Commoner

    Am i the only one wondering…how much ? ? ? Spent hrs online trying to locate numbers…”price available by manufacturer on request” is as far as I have gotten…anyone ?

  • andreas enquist

    Inspired by each other? Who was first? Look at the Qframe sofa by