Heavy Desk Light by Benjamin Hubert for Decode


London Design Festival 09: London designer Benjamin Hubert will launch a concrete desk lamp for design brand Decode London at 100% Design in London this week.

The lamps have a cast-concrete base and shade, joined by a wooden stand through which a red flex is threaded.

They are made of oak or walnut with concrete parts available in three different shades of grey.

The project is a continuation of Hubert's Heavy lamps for Decode London, launched at 100% Futures last year (see our previous story).

The lamps are nominated for the 100% Design/Blueprint Best New Product award and The British Design Awards (vote here).

More about Benjamin Hubert on Dezeen:

Material Centric
Cast Desk Tidy

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Here's some more information from Hubert:


Heavy Desk Light, a collaboration with UK furniture and lighting manufacturer Decode.

Decode are a young British brand working closely with both emerging and established London based designers to produce innovative, contemporary interior objects.

In 2008 Benjamin Hubert collaborated with Decode to produce the award winning concrete pendant Heavy Lights. The desk light represents the first extension of this range. The lamp combines a simple aesthetic and new typology with a juxtaposition of industrial and natural materials.

Heavy Desk Lights comprise of a cast concrete base and shade with a ply laminate arm and machined aluminium details. The cast concrete shade is produced using an innovative ceramic casting technique manufactured in a specialist workshop in Leipzig Germany. This allows the shape to be cast with
a 4mm thin wall section.

Heavy Desk Lights are short listed for Elle Decor ‘British Design of the Year’ and 100% Design/Blueprint ‘Best New Product’.

Heavy Desk Light Specification

h 400mm w 220mm d 280mm

European oak / American walnut with dark grey / light grey / white concrete and aluminium details

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  • chris

    nice. a slighly more refined version of the one from Studioilse

  • HI,

    I hope you like the project…if so can you please vote for it here?:




  • ste

    great material combination… really raw and beautiful! love how the 2 very different materials (concrete and wood) seems to become the same smooth and lovely character here! great work!

    • gastronome74

      where can I purchase this fine lamp in Australia.

  • bodkin

    looks really nice, and i bet it’s a really nice weight to hold and move around as well. not so keen on the white version (is it just painted?), the concrete against the timber works really nicely.

    it would also be nice to know more about the casting process if anyone has any links…..

  • Xit

    Nice lamp good materials

    Very similar spirit to the desklamp by IIse crawford….


  • Beautiful. I’ve been searching for years for a desk lamp that could be used in a grisly murder and then simply be wiped clean afterwards.

  • of mixed opinion

    I commend the designer on his prolific output for the London Design Festival. However, it seems these and the lampshades are somewhat lacking in original content. As pointed out above, these have a ‘very similar spirit to desklamp by Ilse Crawford’ . I question whether this is spirit or more-so that these, the lampshades and the chair are derivative of other projects. The over-riding feature of all 3 pieces is that the designer is driven by an application of current and borrowed styles rather than experimenting and finding their own feet. I commend the output but these projects feel like they came from a mood board of other projects published in the last 18 months.

  • designgurunyc

    clearly the designer of the year, another wonderful piece…

  • suffin

    great material choice. I like them. They might not work when it comes to practicality. Low light source, no adjustabilty (or to heavy) its certainly a nice luminiare, and decorational it is,…

  • Who will be the sales agent for this item? Ready to buy. Thanks, g.

  • Great design. Very simple and beatiful. I liked the material diversity.

  • Joe Town

    Nice lamp. I was thinking of buying one until I found out they’re going for £425 a pop…. what a joke. Maybe if I got 3 of them.