It Hûske by Jurjen van Hulzen


Dutch designer Jurjen van Hulzen has designed a collection of office furniture for people to hide inside when they want to avoid working.

Called It Hûske (small house), the mobile units are intended to provide a place to rest without guilt during the working day.

Above: Rocking House

The range consists of three designs - Rocking House, the Phone Booth (above) and the Mobile House (below).

Here's some more text from van Hulzen:


Jurjen van Hulzen WURK "It Hûske"

In the office people aren't working an hour per day during working hours.

Facebook, Twitter and dating websites are being visited most during working hours, also the average employee is staring out of the window one day per month.

I called this phenomenon `non-work'. The western society pretends to have transparent office politics, but nevertheless there clearly is a taboo on non-work.

There is a place on every office already where people can non-work legally: the toilet. I have obtained this space from its existing context and redesigned it as an micro-architectonic object in the form of `it Hûske' (toilet / small house in the Frysk).

The `non-work' has been legalised and facilitated in it Hûske: the mobile hiding place in which people can take a rest. It Hûske doesn't have one clear function but welcomes everyone for a little moment of non-work.

In the insipid and serious office the Hûskes are a welcome spot, with their filial and playful approach: more pleasure on the working floor, less stress. The consequence: a more productive office.

This picture shows the complete 'Hûske family': the Rocking House, the Phone Booth and the Mobile House.

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  • O.

    that must be a really good investment for a company…

  • Maxime’s

    It would have been better with people actually testing it and playing with it in their suit during working hours in an office. A bit of fun is not to refuse some times.

  • G

    I can see this becoming a must-have of every office…Or maybe not. Quite fun though

  • Somehow standing in the yellow house is going to free you of work-guilt. It apparently replaces it with embarrassment and likely, your walking papers…

  • Andy

    I lost my job in August I will gladly take the occupants position. :)

  • tmac

    diagrams diagrams diagrams.

    prove that a person will actually fit inside!

  • dcbcn

    We have quite a few non-workers at my company. Not having to watch them not working would be fantastic and boost morale all-around. We need these!

  • If one of MY employees was hidden inside one of those boxes, I’d SuperGlue the door shut.

  • EL

    @O.: says the employee.

  • I’ll take all three thanks and start using them the day they get delivered.
    I have a feeling children will use these far more than a ‘suited’ professional.

  • Very strange that there aren’t any people in the shots, to give it some sense of scale – they just look like birdhouses, there’s no way I could squeeze into one of these!

  • quinton

    They are a lot bigger than you think… I might get one for home so that me and my boyfriend have a place to hide when the parents come over!

  • john k

    here you can find more shots:

    they are actually more than two meters high and will fit almost every person! The designer used the space of the toilet as base for the design. The toilet ofcourse is also a place for non-work!

    Haha, either way, I like designs with some fun, they have a good concept, but are not too serious!

  • angry catalan

    I could see this becoming the new stupid fad amongst yuppies, to be honest… more like needlessly institutionalising something that happens naturally than taking it beyond taboo status.

  • Lee Corbusier


    If they can be installed in a few design studios, baited with copies of MARK, occupied, nailed shut and transported to Niagra we can have a wonderful day out.

  • Susie

    Whaha, that sounds like a pretty good idea.. But does it float?
    Still I think the designer wanted to make ‘fun’ design. Maybe only the presence of those small houses can make office people just a little bit relaxter. They might be welcome spot now since autumn is coming in, you can also take someone with you! Wondering what could happen, I like it ;)

  • N

    Are the adaptable for meetings?

  • StevieP

    Quite a good idea, real Dutch design again…