Design Museum Holon by Ron Arad Architects


Ron Arad Architects are close to completing construction of their first large-scale commercial project, Design Museum Holon in Israel.

Design Museum Holon by Ron Arad Architects

Layers of COR-TEN steel with varying degrees of weathering wrap around the two main gallery buildings.

The museum is part of a 16-year regeneration plan for the city of Holon, outside Tel Aviv.

The museum will be inaugurated on 2 February 2010.

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Design Museum Holon – Press Release

Design Museum Holon
Announces inauguration date for 2nd February 2010

The city of Holon (Israel) is proud to announce February 2nd 2010 as the highly anticipated inauguration date for Design Museum Holon and its award winning building by Ron Arad Architects.

After four years of construction, the iconic building will be completed at the end of 2009 and will open to the public in February 2010. Significant in so many ways, the structure of sinuous ribbons of varying shades of COR-TEN (weathered steel) represents Ron Arad’s first completed commercial architectural project, of this scale. Ron Arad has demonstrated an extremely sculptural approach, combining ingenuous and playful functionality with highly visual sculptural design.

The design museum project is the realisation of a 16-year regeneration programme in the city of Holon, just outside Tel Aviv, which has been lead by the mayor for more than 16 years, Mr. Motti Sasson, and the municipality's managing director, Ms. Hana Hertsman.

“The creation of the first design museum in the region is the pinnacle of a long-term urban re-generation project which brings the discussion and exploration of design, culture and education to the forefront,” says Hana Hertsman, municipality managing director who initiated the project. “It not only highlights the role of design and culture in Holon’s day-to-day life, but also the city’s influence globally; I believe it will be a beacon within Israel and far beyond. Ron Arad’s building design as well as the exciting and engaging exhibition developed by the curators, will make the design experience at Design Museum Holon accessible to all, regardless of age or artistic background.”

More about Design Museum Holon:

Design Museum Holon accommodates two primary galleries and a number of diverse alternative exhibition and education spaces in-between. The Gallery 1 (500m²) celebrates the abundance of natural light in Israel and the qualities it can bring to the display of three-dimensional objects, while allowing curatorial flexibility by modulating light levels. The second, smaller gallery, (200m²) is taller inside but offers a more intimate, personal relationship between the visitor and the object on display.

Annually, Design Museum Holon will showcase site-specific exhibitions, concentrating on design concepts, objects and architecture. In addition to the featured exhibitions, Design Museum Holon will house an ‘Experience Archive’, a collection of international and Israeli design related objects, materials and resources which are all accessible to the public. The archive will be an interactive environment for in-depth research on design, from concepts and materials to execution and trends.

Ron Arad:

Since his career began in 1981, Ron Arad has exhibited at many major museums and galleries throughout the world. 2009 is a significant year for Arad with the completion of Design Museum Holon, an unprecedented turn out to his retrospective at Centre Pompidou in Paris and an exhibition in July at MoMA New York, which moves to the Stedelijkn Museum in Amsterdam.


Condé Nast Traveller Innovation and Design Award for Culture, May 2009.

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  • yeeaaah! get more playful people!

  • Scott

    Oh my God… it's Superfantastic

  • It feels so much like Richard Serra’s sculptures that I can almost understand this building as a modern art piece by itself.
    Just Georgeus!

  • Liza

    While the sculptural skin is beautiful, the rectilinear nature of the interior doesn’t have quite the same integrity to match, based on these photographs. Perhaps interior photographs say otherwise?

  • Serra.

  • markus

    nice work, but too bad that you can not read the shapes from inside….

  • david

    i agree with liza – another case of the beautiful envelope with inconsistent box interior- could’ve been awesome if the concept went right through to the details

  • R

    I am also surprised to see the discrepancy between the skin and the building itself. Furthermore I'd like to see more photos of interior and of the exterior within the context. The lowest photo of the facade also shows a bit messy color difference between the different plates.

  • LOW

    feels like they designed ONLY the facade…

  • MrCoolTeapot

    If the steel is solid, without perforations, won’t it feel a tad claustrophobic? (“Think inside the box?”)

    While I think the material screams Serra I think the shape screams Arad.
    Too bad the actual building doesn’t reflect the shape of the exterior skin. A modern day Wright/Guggenheim kind of thing would be way cool.

  • tanya telford – T

    very beautiful, ( i dont think it will feel so claustrophobic as the facade does not wrap 360 degrees of the gallery’s),

  • Well….fantastic exterior ribbon; love it, but seems to encase an incredibly unimaginative series of boxes, (can’t help thinking a trick has been missed)….bit like a Christmas present where the wrapping is more fun than the present.

  • FN

    L’architettura è morta!

  • Milou

    not just serra – his love child with the ny guggenheim

  • Daniel from Ireland

    Another example of disguising boring architecture. In this case the idea of building a design museum within a piece of art is not bad. But this is not architecture… The building should be the art and not the decor…..

  • Jill Smith

    WoW I have fallen in love!
    I have a Phillipe Starke 650cc Motor Bike.
    Just love this work it appears t have a technical and beautiful comprehension greater than some of out great Artists
    Do you have a workshop in London?
    I live in Barbican for 30 years!
    Lol Jilly Smith
    0207 638 3787

  • eliinbar

    If you are interested to know what I think was the source of inspiration for this project
    Enter my blog at

  • Miguel

    Architecture is not sculpture. It can be inspired by it, but not it. This is just a conventional building wrapped by an 'arty' envelope that doesn´t affect the effect of the experience of the building. This are the kind of projects that are downgrading our profession, which used to be a serious one. Nowadays you can just see a bunch of 'pretty' images with no content, and not proposing anything interesting.

    • Nino

      I think your comments are crazy!! The wrap is obviously a way of making a pragmatic/low cost building more interesting. The wrap serves an architectural purpose, first grabbing the viewers attention then drawing them in to the building by guiding their eye and pointing them towards the entrance.