Dezeen’s top ten: cardboard projects



For September's top ten we've compiled our most popular stories about projects made of cardboard. In first place is Japanese architect Shigeru Ban with his Paper Tea House.


2: in second place is a cardboard office interior created by Dutch designer Joost van Bleiswijk for Amsterdam advertising office Nothing.


3: third place goes to another cardboard office for another advertising agency - this time by French artist Paul Coudamy.


4: Cardboard Cloud installation by Fantastic Norway is fourth most-visited.


5: another stacked-box installation called Back Side Flip 360° by O-S Architectes was only slightlty less popular.


6: more from Shigeru Ban - this time a 22 meter Paper Tower, installed at London's Southbank centre as part of last week's London Design Festival.


7: Public Farm One was an urban farming project outside the P.S.1 Contemporary Art Centre in New York, built from cardboard tubes by Work Architecture Company.


8: our eighth most-popular cardboard story is the interior of a book shop by London designers Blustin Heath, made entirely from... cardboard!


9: an installation about the seasons by CJ Lim/Studio 8 Architects at the subway entrance to the Victoria & Albert Museum in London comes in ninth.


10: and we conclude with a collection of cardboard furniture by Arno Mathies.

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  • tim

    … think this ‘paper bridge’ by Jean de Gastines & Shigeru Ban should aslo be included


  • Stealth Architects should be on the list. See

  • hcch

    you forgot about mafoombey, a solid cube made of corrugated cardboard carved to form an interior space.

  • nice selection
    i wait for Dezeen’s top ten: Milan 2009 since 6 month ?

  • Lots of goodness here. The bookshop gives me a serious case of the happies.

  • I think that most of the pieces were pretty stellar and like the fact that all of them could be done using a different medium. I like that because I worry about the life of cardboard. I don’t know why people get so crazy over it as a recycled material, to me it’s a whole lot of work to just be ultimately thrown away.

  • batman

    what about tomodachi?????

  • arse

    Is good design really about using a disposable material to produce an everlasting building, interior, or office?

    theres a reason why these spaces use solid surfaces, because it needs to last.

    • lei ning

      it is bot quite true that they are always supposed to last.
      far too much of our enviroment is built in solid materials but is only in use for a very short time and then thrown away. like exhibitions, shops, event furniture, etc

  • if u don't like d design anymore..tear, blend/grind and make new cardboard!!..hahaha..yeahh!