Galilu Olfactory Perfumery by Marcin Kwietowicz


Polish Design Season: Warsaw designer Marcin Kwietowicz has completed the interior of a perfume shop in Warsaw.

The project, called Galilu Olfactory Perfumery, aims to create a luxurious atmosphere where shopping is "just an option".

Glass shelves encased in wood-panelled walls line the sides of the shop, with seating, a table and decorative lighting occupying the centre of the space.

To make the perfumery feel less like a pressurised shopping experience, the till is kept out of sight in a cupboard.

Storage is integrated into the walls and there is a wooden parquet floor.

Photos are by Jan Smaga.

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Here's some information from Marcin Kwietowicz:


Galilu Olfactory – space and time
Large glass separates the street from the perfumery.

Little, but lofty, beautifully proportional space became an excuse to create a venue, where shopping is just an option. Centrally placed table with a chandelier just above, a comfy sofa, a wooden parquet, flowers, books, sounds and scents – it all makes us feel rather like in a huge living room, than in a shop.

Furniture, although in contemporary style, seem a bit random, misfit on purpose – they do not create a set, but an eclectic collection of items, gathered culturally, but without excess attention, as if accumulated throughout generations.

It is an effort to create a world that would exist in Warsaw, had it not been for some maelstroms of history.

It is a search for the city’s continuity.

The time did not stop here, it just slowed down a bit – it’s calm here.

The chandelier dragonfly froze above the table.

Client can make his choices for a long time and the perfumes are sold here somewhat by the way.

That’s why you won’t find a cash register in here – it has been hidden in a deep wardrobe looking like a neoplasticistic painting.

This makes the least pleasant moment of shopping become a jolly mystery – a surprise of exploring a colorful interior of the furniture.

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In a perfumery the most important thing is invisible – Aristotle and later the architects of renaissance imagined the space not as a void, but as an invisible matter – the fifth element (connecting the other four).

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There is no intellectual discipline here, rather a sensual pleasure of exploring (and designing) successive details.

Galilu Olfactory Perfumery
location: Koszykowa Street, Warsaw, Poland
design: Marcin Kwietowicz
client: Warynia Grela, Agnieszka Łukasik

total floor area: 57m2
usable floor area: 45 m2
volume: 223 m3
design: 2008
construction: 2009


Posted on Monday October 5th 2009 at 5:24 pm by Sarah Housley. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • I love it but there’s a slightly disturbing irony in that it probably looks exactly the same as if it had opened 30 years ago.


  • Internautas

    The design which has it’s own character. I like it a lot.

  • modular

    Hummm…. this is like ‘Back to the Future’!

    Part 1… which is a ‘Back to the Past’. I mean, this is so 50ish it makes me dizzy.

    Anyway, thumbs up for the vibe.

  • Wojtek

    Wspaniale! :)

  • Ashley

    I love this – I lived in Warszawa in 2003 for 6 months for study abroad and seeing this reminded me why I love Poland and Polish design so much. It’s a beautiful interpretation of the type of experience one’s heart desires in a boutique shop. Whenever I make it back to Warszawa, I will definitely make this a stop!

  • What a shame that so many perfumes share the colour of urine. What a shame that the design seemed so clinical that I was led to that thought.

  • aeolus

    Not sure about the mix of iconic chairs, but why can’t this design be classified as timeless rather than pigeon holed in this or that decade. Very nice. .

  • Tony has put my feelings on paper. The design is a bit clinical but OK . It does have a Path lab look with the samples (Urine?)waiting to be tested.

  • It seems a bit sterile for what should be a sensual experience. It feels more suited for picking up arthritis medication than perfume.

  • One of the best polish commercial spaces – very uncommon in polish interiors peacefull space. I really love it.
    Best Regards

  • Steph

    This is now and I like what i see, Piekny ! Discrete, yet very present, ‘alternative’ luxury, & in this segment, still to be called a fresh wind, no matter where the inspiration comes from. ( Somehow logic nowadays, real minimalism is becoming ‘really’ boring to look at, or also often you see too complicated , ‘all-the-same’- overdesigned ‘virtual reality’ stuff … ) I suppose this can only be a very fine and carefully balanced answer to the overall situation, answer also to a question of a courageous client ( also not an evidence these days ) Bardzo dobre !

  • Excellent concept! This is one of the best perfumery design I’ve seen lately. Keep it simple!

  • Sook Shin

    I like the table. Is there anybody know the name of the table? thanks

  • Kwiatek

    The table has no name – it’s site specific project designed particularly for this space.