Arena Homme + by Neville Brody


London graphic designer Neville Brody has art directed the latest issue of Arena Homme + magazine.

The 32nd issue focuses on stylist Ray Petri and the buffalo movement in fashion.

Brody has also designed two new typefaces for the magazine, called Buffalo and Popaganda.

Watch Dezeen's interview with Brody at the Design Museum in London here.

Here's some more information from Brody:


Neville Brody Art Directs Arena Homme +

Internationally renowned Art Director and Designer, Neville Brody has made a long awaited returned to the world of magazines with a unique first collaboration on men’s fashion title Arena Homme + and their 32nd issue celebrating the iconic stylist Ray Petri and the spirit of the Buffalo fashion movement.

Building on a couple of guest front covers this year with Wallpaper* and GQ Italia, it is the first time in several years that Brody has returned to pure Art Direction, typography and layout of a full magazine.

On the collaboration with Brody Jo-Ann Furniss editor in chief comments;

“As the original person who commissioned much of the original buffalo output, the most iconic Art Director of The Face and founding Art Director of Arena (not to mention his work on Per Lui - his men’s fashion credentials are unimpeachable)."

"It took a fair amount of arm twisting to get Neville to do a magazine again. But as can be seen, the results are as brilliant as ever. It’s a great pleasure to work with him.”

The issue celebrates issue 32 with a split run of covers.

A Buffalo special with cover star Jack Negrit shot by Jamie Morgan and styled by Barry Kamen and Mitzi Lorenz and another featuring emerging Gossip Girl pop icon Ed Westwick shot by Alisdair McLellan and styled by Nicola Formichetti.

Brody has designed two custom typefaces for the magazine Buffalo and Popaganda which will be available commercially soon.

Supported by Arena Homme +’s Art Director Patrick Waugh, Research Studios’ designer George Sheldrake and project manager Phil Rodgers, Brody’s focus was taking the magazine into a more masculine space with simple and strong layouts which complement commissioned stories from the magazines loyal and legendary photography and styling contributors; Juergen Teller, Alisdair McLellan, Nicola Formichettiti, Simon Foxton, Nick Knight, Willy Vanderperre and Olivier Rizzo, as well as reuniting original buffalo photographers Jamie Morgan, Roger Charity, Mark Lebon and stylists Barry Kamen and Mitzi Lorenz.

Brody was also keen to draw focus into the thought provoking and often overlooked written work by Jon Savage, Mark Simpson, Paul Morley,
Jo-Ann Furniss and Murray Healy using his new popaganda font pull quotes and oversized serif drop cap intros and key words.

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  • Randall

    arena homme + is brilliant

  • OMG! so WOW – beyond brilliant

  • Really great! Glad to see more graphic design on Dezeen! This page is kinda “meh”, though:

  • Ruby

    bold, beautiful, breath-taking

  • jack the ripper

    Neville is the man .

    This is just superb …

  • jean grey

    looks great

  • Wanna go out and buy a copy today do I can start cutting it up and re-collaging it!

  • Really really bold, as you’d expect. It seems to have a lot of pace whilst retaining visual space. The typography is really detail driven in places and the two new fonts have real impact. I’m sure they had a lot of fun and time to experiment on this. More guest editors please.

  • Neville Brody still got it. Awesome.