Canteen furniture by Very Good & Proper


London Design Festival 09: new British design and production company Very Good & Proper launched their first collection at The Dock in London last month.

Called Canteen, the collection includes a chair, table and coat hook.

The pressed beech plywood seat of the chair is supported by a powder-coated steel frame.

The aluminium table legs attach directly to the underside of the top and are also supplied separately for use with an existing or found top.

A powder-coated plate behind the knob of the coat hook forms a secondary hook and protects the wall behind from scratches.

Very Good & Proper is a collaboration between London designers Klauser & Carpenter and restaurateur Patrick Clayton-Malone.

The Canteen collection was originally designed Canteen restaurant in Baker Street, London, co-founded by Clayton-Malone.

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'Measure twice, cut once'

Very Good & Proper is a collaboration between Canteen co-founder Patrick Clayton-Malone and design duo Klauser & Carpenter; set up to produce well designed, practical, reasonable priced products originated by emerging and recognised design talent with longevity in mind.

The exhibition will see official launch of VG&P, featuring the Canteen Table, Canteen Hook & Knob and the Canteen Utility Chair.


A commercially feasible table with design integrity suitable for residential or commercial applications. The tabletop is available in a range of sizes in beech plywood.


Ready to attach to any tabletop or even old door. Available in boxed sets of four in a range of snazzy colours. Gravity cast aluminium leg fixes directly to the tabletop eliminating the need for a bracing system.


Canteen hook and knob. The powder coated steel backplate and hook protects the wall from dirt and scratches, covering any unsightly fixing marks; the knob, large, round and simple to locate.


Inspired by the ubiquitous post war school chair. Powder coated steel frame married to a pressed beech plywood seat and back. Lightweight and stackable.

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  • Well done chaps. Like the affordance of the back of the chair – lots of pulling and pushing in a restaurant – and nice considerations encapsulated in a simple solution for the coat hook.

    All in all, very good (and proper).

  • jed_

    excellent work. superb.

  • Love this collection. The colours are fantastic, the design is great. The hook is also very cleverly designed.

  • nostalgic. there were chairs and desks in similar structure in schools in Japan. brilliant modification.

  • Master Plan

    I like these a lot.

  • Kristopher Adams

    Complete and utter THUMBS UP!

  • GGF

    That is just brilliant. Hook is really very very beautiful indeed. Leg seems great designed too !

  • david

    i cannot put into words how much i love these designs, i think i may quit design because they have just done it the best… i hate you, i love you, i hate you….

  • xyz
  • toodles

    thank goodness. after all the useless rubbish craft being churned out by the people in holland it is good to see a sober real stream of designers emerging from england. At last people are coming around. let it continue.


  • GTi

    There is always something intelligently witty about British design. I am always amazed by the huge abyss standing between the design junk out of continental EU and such fun Brit stuff. (I’m not British btw.) Well done!

  • The chairs are really nice. And I think they will compliment each type of canteen.

  • im

    simple and good