SOF by J Mayer H
and OVOTZ design Lab


A hotel designed by Berlin architects J Mayer H, Krakow practice OVOTZ Design Lab and GD&K Consulting opens today in Krakow, Poland.

Called SOF, the building is clad in aluminium with windows framed by dark horizontal bands across the facade.

Photographs are by Jakub Kaczmarczyk, Ovotz design Lab.

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Here's some text from J Mayer H Arhictects:


Opening of SOF - Hotel Park Inn, Krakow, Poland

October 8th 2009 marks the opening of SOF, the new Hotel Park Inn, Krakow, Poland designed by J MAYER H architects in collaboration with GD&K Consulting Sp. z o.o. and OVOTZ Design LAB.

The hotel is being constructed in the city centre, at the intersection of important transport routes. The hotel is located in the vicinity of the planned Congress Centre as well as near to the Wawel Castel and the histrorical Jewish district.

It offers splendid views onto the old city centre. The new property is characterized by clear horizontal line, picking out the panorama-view as a central theme. The Facade is emphasized by black and white aluminium stripes, seperated by dark glass windows.

Opening: 8th October 2009, 9 PM
Location: SOF - Hotel Park Inn, Krakow, Poland

Investor: SOF Debniki Development sp. z o.o.
Client: GD&K Consulting Sp. z o.o., SOF Debniki Development Sp. z o.o. (UBM + GD&K Group)
Architect: J Mayer H Architects with OVOTZ design Lab.
General Constructor: PORR (Polska) S.A.
Project Management: UBM Polska sp. z o.o.,
Project Administrator: GD&K Consulting sp. z o.o.,
Interior Design: JOI-Design GmbH with OVOTZ design Lab.
Project: 2005-09
Completion: 2009

Photographer: Jakub Kaczmarczyk, Ovotz design Lab

Project Team: Juergen Mayer H., Marcus Blum, Jan-Christoph Stockebrand, Wojciech Witek, Magdalena Skoplak-Seweryn, Jakub Kaczmarczyk

Build for The Rezidor Hotel Group

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  • That surface in the 3rd last picture is beautiful. Reminds me of a car’s surface. Do you think automotive are (finally) catching up to architecture or for the first time is architecture borrowing aesthetic from automotive?

    Interesting design none-the-less although the weight and shape of the building reminds me more of a hospital exterior than a hotel.

  • Isms

    so wrong it’s wright

  • Harhar

    Thanks for not hiding everything behind perfectly shot/cropped/post-edited photos.

    Last picture shows what a monstrosity this project really is.

  • biboarchitect

    J. Meyer is the only architect let me feels the precise of architecture

  • RK_La

    Nice! Could’ve been a taller building for impact… has a little bit of Zaha feel to it…

  • zetre

    Oh a filleted Volkswagen factory!

  • Carlos Lara

    Hi Guys,

    Just want to be the first here to congratulate you, this is a very very nice project!


  • 손혜경


  • paul

    looks like an office building (where I wouldn’t want to work)

    certainly not a hotel.

  • MMG

    Usually I like J Mayer H`s work very much, but this here? Really, whats the concept here? Its a standard roadside hotel with a nice facade. Did he really design it this way or is it a conversion of an existing building?

  • bodkin

    that last picture certainly tells the whole story. it’s just a standard hotel plan form with some stick-on panels to make it look a bit rounded at the corners and sculpted. this is one of the finest examples of putting lipstick on a gorilla that i’ve seen in a long time

  • William

    tis like a poor and budget interpretation of a zaha.. I’m no zaha fan but this at least helps you see that they do it more whole-heartedly

  • anexas

    This is what I call irresponsible architecture. The comment about the Gorilla with a lipstick seems to be quite relevant. Our Urban landscape is littered with many such examples that have nothing to do with the environment these projects are put in but a mere whimsical representation of the so called “designer’s” ego. I would not even compare it to the automobile because that is of little relevance here. What is the real story here folks?

  • DN3

    It will look out-dated and old fashioned very soon!

  • JJF

    its like a circuit board in 3d…. i like it!

  • ste

    the black building behind the perfect detailed but boring aluminium facade was already existing right?

  • Etienne

    agree: it s an hospital.

  • roel

    the dutch word -sof- means failure.

  • gaque

    is this just a facade renovation or new construction?

  • martin

    in times of postmodernism the decorated box was en vogue. unles the inner spatial qualities or programmtic finesse is unveiled this is not more than a decorated standard hotel.
    some curves do not maek better architecture

  • LOW

    Robocop headquarters

  • zuzanna

    I hope i wont be concern as an arrogant but this building is so out of space so completely unsuitable for this city.have y ever been in Cracow ?have y ever seen what kind of architectural history does the city reflect….?
    This building is a simple example of the another signature of this office ….and it is so common approach nowadays.

  • Clark

    This was my first thought exactly.

    “DN3 Says:

    October 8th, 2009 at 2:37 pm
    It will look out-dated and old fashioned very soon!”

  • Sissie

    the facades make the building so old-fashioned

  • realzealman

    it’s graphic design. no more, no less

  • arnulfo alamil

    yes.. it do looks like zaha, designs from the exterior to the interior..

  • arnulfo alamil


  • arnulfo alamil

    im confuse? i read a lot of article criticizing her (zaha) design but i also see a lot of buildings that looks like her design…. hmmmmm

  • My first impressions is my still with me, where I hate this building. I’m not sure about this kind of genre. Sure for cool nightclub interiors where the club can do a revamp in 5 years to keep things fresh, but a whole, huge building in a gorgeous city of my birth, Krakow. Gotta be kidding me. My grandmother has good taste and she would shriek if she saw this.
    Some of the windows are incorporated, but it looks like too much facade-ism to me. I’m not sure I agree with concepts like “dynamic”.. It’s a building. It’s not going to move.. people move through it. Anyways. Not impressed at all with this one.

  • looks like bad reconstruction.thaks for not canceling my entry…:)

  • florian
  • O.Red

    SRY,,ithink itis offices building

  • mark

    it already looks outdated and old fashioned, 2 days after its opening

  • Where are the trees?

  • Ols

    It looks much worse in real life! Distroys the landscape completely with its 1980's-aspiring-to-look-futuristic style. Already looks so outdated! And all this opposite the beautiful Wawel castle! :(