The Radio by Kosmos Project


Polish Design Season: Warsaw-based designers Kosmos Project exhibited a cross-shaped radio at Pierre Berge & Associes in Brussels last month.

A collaboration between the young designers and local craftsman, The Radio was made using traditional crafts and local wood.

The designers describe the product as an "object of everyday use that becomes cult-like, showing great power of media, loneliness in the contemporary society and the need of belonging to a community."

The product was on show as part of an exhibition of Polish design called UN-POLISHED.

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Posted on Thursday October 15th 2009 at 6:23 pm by Jasmin Gunkar. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • Matthias

    Design manual: take two pieces of timber, connect them at right angle somewhere at the center and make it the most abused symbol in history. I’ve always had the sense of resentment that the cross was so simple to produce, otherwise people would maybe get lazy and back off.

    I’m a Pole and a Christian, and I have a couple of possible connotations with this design but none of them really convincing. Explain, please…?

  • JDR

    I think this a very strong design.

    I recieve a very clear statement of ” I carry out a message” from the object.
    I want to listen to it because of its symbolic reference, and the simplicity of the speaker and antenna just make the object super attractive.

    Believe it or not, radio and media, are the priests of today. The message of a pop-idol is much stronger and desicive than that of the western riligion…

    And the wood, I remember when I was a little boy, we all went to church with a little wooden cross around our neck, the same wood used here.

    I like it.

  • do we need to throw religion forward into people’s faces so often? I think it’s a bit cheesy..but surely some people will appreciate it.

  • amsam

    Cute. What’s a radio?

  • storytelling is not enought in design: cross shaped radio in a christian country is not a conversation starter or an design icon … the message is not clever and clear

  • UsedToLiveInPL

    Is this a standard issue Radio for listeners of the ever-so-popular “Radio Maryja” in Poland?

  • Looks like a walkie-talkie for communicating with God.

  • aka from PL


    This radio is a perfect comment of polish media & politics – there is TOO MUCH religion in both!

    And it is one of the biggest problem in Poland for people who are not christians !!

  • Reminds me of being in a cemetry