Arc table by Foster + Partners for Molteni&C


Architects Foster + Partners have designed a dining table for Italian design brand Molteni&C.

Called Arc, the base is made of cement and organic fibres.

It comes in white and two tones of grey, with glass tops in two sizes.

Here's some more information from Molteni&C:


ARC design Foster+Partners

Foster+Partners has designed a dining table named Arc, inspired by the temporary fabric structures, which are increasingly used in contemporary architectural design, and here shape the base of this soft, fluid table.

The base, made of an innovative material composed by cement and organic fibre, is resistant and elastic at the same time, and lends itself to complex structures. It is also waterproof, and the mass-coloured base in white and two tones of grey, ensures the colour stays fresh throughout its lifespan. These materials allow outdoor usage.

Arc complements its base with tempered glass tops, either 140 or 150 cm in diameter, in extra light and smoked finishes.

Height 73 cm.

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  • Beautiful surfaces and materials blend! Lovely!

  • Olivier

    Finally a table from an architect to foster! I love the sensuous curves. The three legs make it very sturdy & stable.

    What’s the name of the innovative material? Is it lightweight too?

  • I’ll order two please. The second one in a carbon fiber composite so that i can drag my dining table with me around the house.

  • ferran10


  • di

    beautiful base, not sut sure about the glass top though. i would love to know more about this material. is it ductal?

  • R

    If the top would not be glass, but the same material, I would like the table better. The curving base itself is very nice in both shape and material!

  • is table an architecture?

  • ste

    wow… i’m speechless… never a big fan a foster before but this table is amazing! really love the simple yet intriguing form! so damn sey and i wish i could afford one

  • joe notch

    I think there has been much better stuff by much less famous people recently. This one for example:

  • Did Foster actually work on this, or was it a project handed to the product designers…I assume it was – so, whoever designed this, well done.

    It looks beautiful

  • Beautiful form. Reminds me of architectural works by Felix Candela.

  • sososo

    beautiful shapes and structure !

  • Japr

    contrary to all those above, this is a re-scaling of Niemeyer’s or Saarinen’s architecture. so far in time.the modern feel that was the sign of the times 50 years back.

  • LOW

    I normally don’t love Foster’s stuff, but this is downright gorgeous

  • @Z

    Yes, a table is an architecture, as is a chair, as is an arrangement of information (it is called information architecture), the structure of a piece of software, of hardware, etc.

    Any kind of structure really, whether physical or logical, is architectured.

  • kwil

    At 60″ in dia this table would appear to only seat 3 people!!
    I don’t see how it would be possible to seat anyone in the
    location of the legs. It would be a knee knocker. Nice looking but does it actually work??

  • kwil, it’s why i say it’s more an architecture than a table

  • lior

    I love this table! The form is just perfect.
    The only thing I would change is the glass top and make it from the same material as the legs. The glass looks like they took the easy option.

  • who knows the name of material and other projects with it?

  • Beautiful table indeed, I think the glass top is the right option, if it had a concrete top then you would not see the beauty of the contours which is visible when looking into this table.

  • designgurunyc

    absolutely stunning. I want one!

  • @Prof. Z – Not 100% sure on the material, but I would guess that it is Ductal Concrete manufactured by LaFarge.


    Now this is something, and I agree, the top needs a change. The opposing parabolic forms are very elegant.

  • patrick

    making a coffee table with spaceship technology doesnt sound so clever, does it ?

  • Etienne

    @ patrick

    maybe astronauts also want to sit down and have a coffee…

  • Charly

    The material is Ductal

  • Gramsci

    … better than most of their recent building!

  • BRian


    Can anyone say Oscar Neimeyer- Three times fast?

    My goodness it looks EXACTLY like his creations!


  • C.G. Sonder

    it is beautiful. i agree with keeping the tabletop the same material as the base. the beauty of a round table is its ability to seat a remarkable number of people. thats where the design fails to be functional. but still beautiful and perfect for a stylish person with few friends. like most architects.