The New Bouwkunde by Adam Wojtalik


Polish Design Season: for his masters project student Adam Wojtalik proposed a conceptual design for the Delft University of Technology's Faculty of Architecture, whose previous campus was destroyed by fire in 2008.

Called The New Bouwkunde, the campus would feature an eleven-storey tower and a five-storey pavilion.

These would be connected by a curved, glazed roof, almost half of which would be covered with photovoltaic panels.

An under-cover lawn would span the ground-floor space between the tower and pavilion, with a canteen, coffee bar, lounge zone and auditorium around the edge.

The tower would accommodate student areas including a library, lecture halls, studios and computer labs.

Faculty staff would be housed in the five-storey pavilion with conference rooms and offices.

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Here are some more details from Wojtalik:


Good school is like second home. This few words describe whole concept of this building. From the first sketches, the new Bouwkunde, was intend to be as much student friendly as it could be.

Huge pressure was put on leisure and recreation areas, which are on almost every floor. However the epicenter of it was created on the lower parts of the building.

The ground floor is a huge, public space consists of canteen, coffee bar, book store, exposition/exhibition zone, lounge zone and auditoriums.

But the most interesting about this part of the building is concrete structure in the middle, which hides "the meadow". This is a green area which raise between ground level and first floor and it is whole covered with grass.

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All of this is linked through the workshop with underground level, where building technologies laboratory could also be found. These two floors are the heart of the new Bouwkunde.

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In the upper parts, building divides into two structures.

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The first one reach eleven storey and it was designed as a student part with library, computer rooms, lecture halls and "open space studios".

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The second one has five storeys and consist of conference rooms, administration offices and professors rooms.

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The new Bouwkunde building has been designed as an eleven storey building with two volumes connected by huge, curved glass structure.

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This creates several possibilities to decrease costs of maintenance.

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Almost half of this surface is covered with solar panels.

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It gives almost 1500m2 of photovoltaic cells, which produce 4000kWh per day.


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By dint of this structure it was possible to create a double façade circulation system.

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This increase efficiency of ventilation and gives natural insulation to the building.

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Façades are covered with fibre concrete panels and some of them are openable.


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  • Nickthegreek

    THANK YOU DEZEEN. ‘Click for larger image’ are four words I never thought I would read. Project looks interesting too..

  • Well done mate! I didn’t have possibility to congratulate, so I’ll do that now. Well deserved degree!


  • Lou Krabshuis (bouwkunde student)

    Looks really interesting and beautiful! Although the current building is also perfect.

    So i don’t know what is better: an old renovated building with a lot of history or a new building wich announces a new age…

  • rdeamer

    should definately be made out plywood instead.. get some killer rocket airs on that shit..

  • Interesting. The plans look like they are drawn in perspective.
    I hope those guys cycling down the building won’t meet too terible a death ::: glass / aluminum / galvanized steel / bone.

  • If they build it, they will come!

  • Patrick

    CONCEPTUAL design?!

    The building fits well into the existing urban plan of strong volumetric gestures and the idea of an indoor lawn makes reference to the library by Mecanoo in my opinion.

    But for a master’s thesis I miss a strong concept or an actual THESIS. With cleanliness came boredom.

  • Jim

    Amazing project.

    The rendering of the cyclists through the half pipe of photovoltaics literally put a smile on my face.
    Loving the level of seriousness as well as the playful approach

  • Photovoltaic panel roof is good, but the ground level needs more development. The plans are also rigid, but the building form can be excellent for great interior experiences.

  • daily spread

    only to point out: it is a great design!

  • anthony

    simple amazing….i’d like to see this in a rain storm.

    and it needs rails for those skate punks…..

    So beautiful !

  • Manu

    Looked nice and fine, until I saw the floor plans. Some corners just made me cringe. There’s more potential there, but I guess at one point, you just have to finish it up with the due date coming closer…

  • kwok

    the current faculty building is already nice and ”student friendly”, isnt it ?

  • b.l

    it is a great great and great.i like it .beautiful.

  • Rajendra Gawde

    Fantastic Idea!
    we are consuming ground earth and recreating it again at higher level which is very much required.Nomore forgotten terraces.

  • M.M

    It's a nice form, but I'm forever seeing diagrams showing people walking across a giant featureless roof. I'm not sure I see the appeal, unless we're all air-conditioning repairmen…