Unisex bag by Ryszard Rychlicki


Polish Design Season: Ryszard Rychlick, a student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, has designed a felt bag.

The product, called Unisex Bag, is made entirely from felt and features four metal rivets at the top.

Stitched sutures at the sides of the bag help it keep its form when in use.

The felt is double-layered: cream-coloured on the outside with a brightly-coloured interior.

Stitching on the exterior matches the inside of the bag.

The bag is available in two sizes, with either a yellow or an orange contrast.

See last week's story for another flat-pack bag from Ryszard Rychlicki.

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Posted on Wednesday October 21st 2009 at 11:06 pm by Sarah Housley. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • aeolus

    Well it doesn’t really look like a handbag. It looks like the guy is carrying a bowling ball which is almost as bad.

  • Love it, it can replace my man-bag immediately.

  • R

    While it looks nice when the girl carries it, it almost seem to resemble a trash bag – or a full bag from a vacuum cleaner – when they guy holds it.

  • Evan

    Just don’t take it out in the rain!

  • Wadi

    nice idea, but does it works with the movement of the legs. I guess you have to hold it quiet fare away from your body. Would like to see how it looks from the front or back view.

  • pacman

    …so gay its kinda cool.

  • LOW

    perfect for your makeup… or bowling ball…

  • miss-Hobbit

    I think it’s ugly. My husband says it’s not just ugly, it’s fugly. Maybe if it were decked up a little bit and didn’t look so much like a reject bowling ball bag from the 1970’s. What’s with those colors? Is there any more variety?

  • It looks like that thing people use when they alcohol their bowling balls before a game.

  • horrible haridas

    this form never works for handbags. the carrying part needs to be on the other axis. will never be comfortable with the contours of the body. i actually prefer the form as it were when its folded (picture 2 and 3). besides, wasnt there this guy (i forgot his name) who did a lot of grey felt bags that got their form only when zipped… this kind of looks like a bad cousin.

  • horrible haridas

    this is him: josh jakus (conphorm)

  • Jacqued

    The first thing I thought was I wish the handle opening was large to I could wear it on my arm and not have to hold it… Cool textiles though! should have a pink one for the ladies ;) and a black one for the super simple of folks

  • rlssss

    I don’t know about unizex, but being wide in both directions probably makes it a pain in the ass to carry.