Melt by Agnieszka Bar


Polish Design Season: designer Agnieszka Bar has created a range of bottles with collapsed bases.

The bottles are hand-made from glass.

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Here's some test from Bar:



Borosilicone glass, cork

Elegant container for liquids: water, olive oil, vinegar.

The subtle bottle's line has deformed in the bottom part with high temperature. Object showed an essence of the glass matter. Handmade bottle from borosilicone glass.


  • The Fake Sartorialst

    So, I was drinking from this bottle in a fashionable little cafe in Paris, and then all of a sudden I realised that my smoldering good looks had melted the bottle I was drinking from. When I started bragging to the waiter he quickly brought me a new bottle, thinking I was complaining and pointed to the pre-constructed melt. I was devastated…

  • rysio

    i like this.

  • bodkin

    they are just bottles with melted bases. i did the same with a whole load of clear plastic soft drink bottles several years ago. next!

  • El Zebra

    RE: bodkin

    the language of glass is much stronger than plastic. sorry.
    these are beautiful.

  • jason

    It would be difficult or impossible to clean these! Maybe they’ve designed a melted bottle-brush?

  • sean

    I’m with bodkin and jason. these maybe could fly as an some artistic hub-bub but it really only looks like the rejects off the assembly line.

  • Armin

    Non-industrial design thinking.
    Look —> Ross Lovegrove plastic bottle.

  • Livi

    I remember seeing these years ago in Copenhagen.

  • RJC

    yeah, wants to be lovegrove

  • elaine

    i echo jason’s comment about cleaning these bottles! if its for pouring oil / vinegar, doesnt it need a better spout? struggling to see the ‘elegance’ in these.

  • http://x oldtimes

    have you checked out the work of marie retpen..
    she graduated at rca london l2008 with very similar work with her Melt Down

  • Sara-Lee


  • Live Berg Olsen

    Can´t you just see pass the function and see the irony and beauty in the simplicity? I think its beautiful. And yes I agree with you El Zebra. Glass is much stronger, and also a more challenging material to work with.
    I am having a glas workshop now, and its hard to make something random and broken with purpose look good.