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Headvertising office by Corvin Cristian

Architect Corvin Cristian has designed an office interior inside the former Romanian stock exchange building  in Bucharest, Romania.

Designed for advertising company Headvertising, the office features furniture inspired by packing crates.

A central glass-walled conference room has the proportions of a shipping container.

Chesterfield seating and plywood lamps are intended to add a domestic feel.

Photos are by Vlad Caprarescu.

Here's some more information from Cristian:


I would like to submit this project we completed for the Headvertising agency in Bucharest.

In the Old Romanian Stock Exchange Building, the shipping case themed furniture acts as: storage, dividing walls, dynamic company statement and reverence on the genius loci.

Stock exchange>>moving goods
advertising agency>>moving brands, which is moving goods as well
>>moving shipping cases.

The meeting room has the proportions of a shipping container.

The revamping of the building itself is the work of another team led by arch. Mario Kuibus.

The chesterfields and the over sized lamps bring a homey feeling to the otherwise austere design.