Rewrite by GamFratesi



Copenhagen designers GamFratesi have designed a prototype desk with a cave-like shield on top to create an intimate working environment.


Called Rewrite, the desk is presented at GamFratesi's solo show at The Danish Museum of Art and Design.


See GamFratesi's Cartoon chair in our earlier story.


GamFratesi recently won Denmark's Walk the Plank Award 2009 for excellence and craftsmanship in furniture.


Here's some info about Rewrite followed by a statement about the Walk The Plank Award:


rewrite // prototype // 09

The idea behind Rewrite began as a study of the desktop and especially an atmosphere and feeling we believe is needed even in the middle of an accelerating communication and technology. Rewrite is thought of as a kind of isolating working bubble, that can work as a satellite desk anywhere one can feel the need of concentration and shielding – in open space offices, public spaces or at home. With its rounded shape it can be placed freely as dots in a room. A private base in the group without being a denial of it, but an addition to it causing an alternative.

In our design of the desktop Rewrite we have worked on creating a meeting between something well known and something surprising. The table is therefore traditional in its form and material, but when the big screen is added, both proportions and historical references are brought out of balance. In the table functional elements have been integrated as a white lacquered metal box, which is attached under the table in order to hide cables and transformers, and the cable exit in the tabletop is white lacquered too.

The screen is upholstered and covered with textile because of its visual and acoustic characteristics. It has a cave-like shape and creates a secure and intimate sphere, which partially closes out disturbing light and sounds. It has a double-sided acoustic function that protects against noise from the outside as well as from the inside.

GamFratesi receives “Walk the Plank Award 2009”

The Walk the Plank Award 2009 has been awarded the furniture designers Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi. In occasion of the award, GamFratesi will show a solo exhibition of their work at the Danish Museum of Art and Design from September to December 2009 and at Trapholt Museum from March to September 2010.
 The Walk the Plank Award is given to a furniture designer who in his or her work is able to work in accordance with a refined craftsmanlike standard and a thorough aesthetic appreciation.

The exhibition includes a special project/installation created in occasion of the award, with two new projects Not bamboo lamp and Rewrite.
 As well the exhibition is showing a selection of  work made by GamFratesi studio during the last years, in collaboration with Casamania, Swedese and Gubi.

The award recipient has been chosen by a committee consisting of:
Bodil Busk Laursen, Museum director, the Danish Museum of Art and Design
; Mette Dalby, Curator, Trapholt Museum; 
Louise Campbell and Sebastian Holmbäck, designers and organizers of the Walk the Plank Project; 
Keld Korsager, director of Danish Furniture

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  • Sometimes I just need a cave to retreat into, otherwise I just cant help but start taking photos of everyone walking down the street. I only wish that they could offer these as a standard table at Starbucks.

  • mark muscat

    cool idea, could actually be very practical in public places

  • Reminds me of the anti social wooden booths when studying in the university library back in the day. An unpleasant experience then and I would imagine pretty much the same now. A bit too claustrophobic and quite difficult to integrate I think.

  • berts bobje

    Its a punishment device for employees who dont listen to the boss; “go to your pod thingy, shut up and work!” But if it works it can be interesting to think about on an architectural scale and maybe can help shortage of space in big cities. Just make everybody a cave, cut them off from “disturbing light and sounds” because hey, who needs light and sounds anyway?
    These designers are revolutionary thinkers and deserve this price for sure.

  • Anna

    This is really nice. A very innovative idea for a desk.
    I also like the concept sketch that explains the office situation. In the modern open spaces it is a beautiful way to create your private space.

  • pat

    Beautiful! I love it

  • LOW

    I need one of those


    nahhhhhhhhhhhhhh i would rather look out a window when i work

  • I wonder how a room filled with this would like if you fill the floor with autumn leaves… I imagine a mushroom community. Interesting concept!

  • bodkin

    i like to feel integrated into the rest of my studio, i would hate to work in isolation in one of these things. being part of the world around is what inspires me, looking out the window watching the clouds, overhearing snippets of other conversations, chatting with people who walk by etc. it’s part of what make us a social animal. i can’t think of any time that i would welcome being cut off from the world around with this desk. its a horrible idea for horrible insular people

  • great, so i can email to you on this GamFratesi desk, wait for you in the Ear Chair from Jurgen Bey and phone to you in a cabin by Robert Stradler…without any view on this horribal real world described by journalists

  • FN


  • sepn

    I think the idea is great. I would really like to work in one of these. It is a beautiful way to switch off and on between meetings with my collegues and moments of concentration. I see it very interesting and easy to integrate in offices

  • pierre

    its like being in a small room

  • Cool, but I think it needs better lighting solution.
    This lamp looks like is not properly working there.

  • Japr

    why a metal box underneath for holding cables? could be cleaner without.
    it’s a tiny little nice piece of furniture, may work for some, may not for some others, the group I belong. there’s no need for much analysis… we’re not arguing about every new t-shirt or coat put on the market, why should we do so regarding taylored-low scale production furniture?

  • being part of the world around is what inspires me, looking out the window watching the clouds, overhearing snippets of other conversations,Just make everybody a cave, cut them off from "disturbing light and sounds" because hey, who needs light and sounds anyway?