Opera by Axel Enthoven


Belgian architect Axel Enthoven has designed a mobile holiday home that resembles the Sydney Opera House.

Called Opera, the canvas holiday home unfolds from a trailer and includes two beds, a toilet, hot and cold water, LED lighting and a mobile hob.

It is handmade and fitted out with materials including hardwood, stainless steel and leather.

The design will be on show at the Design at Work trade fair in Kortrijk, Belgium, next month.

Here's some more information from Enthoven:


Multiple award-winner Axel Enthoven designs new mobile holiday home
Opera offers freedom in nature with 100 percent luxury

It is not a tent, not a caravan and not a motor home. The new mobile holiday home designed by Axel Enthoven has been christened Opera for its striking shape, reminiscent of the Sydney Opera House. The subtitle chosen is Your Suite in Nature to suggest the best of hotel rooms, but in the heart of nature in this case. The Opera allows you to stay in the most beautiful places, but with the luxury of a wine cabinet, warm-air heating, espresso bar and an enclosed teak veranda. This nomadic, contemporary living tent offers the quality of a luxury yacht combined with the outdoor feeling of camping under canvas. The Opera will be presented for the first time at the Design at Work trade fair in Kortrijk in December.

The finishing touches are currently being put to the first Operas, which are being made completely by hand in Geldrop in the Netherlands. Only first class materials like hardwood, stainless steel and leather are used in production. The dimensions of the Opera are magical. When it has opened and levelled itself by electric power – inside 5 minutes and without tent pegs, stabilizer jacks and loose tent poles – what you see is a residence measuring 7 metres long, more than 3 metres wide and 3.5 metres high with every conceivable luxury: two first class and electrically adjustable beds that become one with a single simple movement, hot and cold water, ceramic toilet, LED lighting and a mobile hob and barbecue, for example, for cooking outside. An exclusive, small number of Operas will go into production in 2010.

The mobile holiday home will be supplied with what is known as the Opera Guide, which presents a selection of exclusive sites with information about good restaurants and picturesque destinations in the surrounding area.

The Opera was conceived and developed by Rob Vos, in partnership with a consortium of investors. Vos previously more than made his mark in the automotive industry.

The designer of the Opera is Axel Enthoven, who has won more than 25 international awards in eight different countries, possibly the most important of which was the Belgian Henri van der Velde Career Prize. Enthoven has been Professor and head of the department of Man & Mobility at the Academy of Industrial Design in Eindhoven since 1989. Previous to this, he held an appointment as a visiting professor at the National Institute for Architecture, Construction Engineering and Urban Planning in Antwerp. Axel’s firm, Enthoven Associates, has designed more than 1700 products and has offices in Paris, Eindhoven and Antwerp.

The Opera will be presented for the first time at the Design at Work trade fair in Kortrijk from 8 to 10 December inclusive.

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  • superdeluxe

    OTT design for the moneyed few. i thought this kind of design had become obsolete some time ago.

  • Tamara

    Amazing!!……..I like it …… coolest mobile home that I have ever seen

  • Great Job of democratic design (i hope so) on the road from Eindhoven to Enthoven…and Kortrijk
    Ps: send me a special offer for a poor blog teacher


    A new domesticity on wheels, excellent. Great gestural form, amazing expandable structure and shell.

  • cpcp


  • What art you talking about? I love it!

  • I love this!

  • xav

    I am very glad to see that this type of holiday house is now developed. I have been working on a project like this one 8 years ago and it never found any investors…
    I have few comments though: what is the point of pushing so much the sydney opera? the shape only?
    That would be interesting to know the weight (not too heavy for the road, not too light for the windy camping!) and see the opening of the house from A to Z in 5 minutes without “fast forward”!
    Well done to the team.

  • pierre sinsua

    considering its compact packging on the move while having a nice design when static, very very ingenius

  • Mark Harrison

    Bravo! About time to! Caravanners need to get with it. The design is also similar to some of the tent shapes. Hopefully this will be developed to break the endless rows of plastic boxes with awnings that clutter the view mess with the aerodynamics, add weight and create road hell.

    A DIY kit would work to allow affordability while still being able to allow for the use of sustainable materials.

    Any chance of getting a UK manufacturing licence, we are crazy about caravanning over here!

  • Robin

    If the designers would get away from the Sydney Opera description and instead refer to the shape of the Conestoga wagon, which more aptly describes this unit, there would be a HUGE market in the USA.

  • Absolutely beautiful…a synopsis of beauty encircling multiple dimensions of artistic expression…Divine!

  • julie andrews

    It’s not very safe looking.

  • mosi

    So Amazing.

  • Yvonne Perry

    I want one! This is the coolest camper trailer I have ever seen. Will it be available in the U.S.? What is the cost and I can start saving now.

  • JohninBrisbane

    Love it – and not in a parochial sense through being an Aussie. I have often sketched out ideas for a rapidly deployable mobile tent/shelter/habitat but this incorporates the art and style that my ideas have lacked … Utility meets cool! Its a little more “luxury yacht” than I would want in terms of fit-out but I approve of the nice flooring and the facilities – giving the pleasure of having some nice things while being away from it all. Nice!

  • Cathy

    Hey Robin. Who cares what it’s called? It’s ingenius. Now make it affordable for the average person.

  • ali deveci

    hello. 1 m from turkey istanbul.. this is very good idea.. how much is it. and ı want to sell this in turkey.. can you help me .

  • KT Kim

    wow… that’s what I am looking for!
    Need more information about sell in USA.
    Please let me know more information about it.

  • tebo

    reminds me of old western wagons http://www.lonehand.com/chuckw6.gif

  • Now that is wondeful.
    Just curious about it will be produced or not ?

  • Ludo Ramaekers

    Woaaw ! ; what an appealing and attractive creation…
    Where can we go “see” , “feel” and eventually “buy” this marvel ?
    Thanks in anticipation,
    Br, Ludo.

  • David

    Nice design, of course a Belgian guy, they design lot’s of beautiful stuff lately.

    @Xav, you talk like this product never existed before? I spend my first 9 holidays with my parents in a “camping car” (original name of this and very popular in the camping market in Europe). wich was 29 yeasr ago. Of course not so good looking but exactly the same pricipale and my godmother still goes to Spain every year for more than 45 years with a very fancy “camping car” weird what you say there that it finally is developed.??? I can udertand why you couldn’t fins any investors.

  • Shirley

    Flashy, but this has not been reviewed by a camper. If you sit on the seats your head will be touching the canvas…where is the storage?
    Does the shape of the canvas deflect rain when it is stormy?
    Have the reviewers seen a combcamp? check them out.

  • Onur Kok

    If you show the unpacked status of this, we – the people – will be appreciated. OK! Good idea, but how do humans put this beautiful tent on the vehicle, or is it not able to pick “this” up?